11 Ways Angle Valves Can Solve Your Everyday Needs

11 Ways Angle Valves Can Solve Your Everyday Needs


steam radiator angle valve

Alt: Steam Radiator Angle valve


Have you ever used an angle valve in your home? If not, you’re missing out on quite the experience. When it comes to plumbing, angle valves can be used for more than just stopping water flow from one point to another. They are often installed in combination with other pipes in your home’s plumbing system, and they come in handy in all sorts of situations that you probably didn’t even know existed.


Angle valves are incredibly useful tools that can help you save time and money every day, but it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to figuring out how to use them properly. We’ve put together this guide on 11 incredible ways to use angle valves in your home to help you get started in finding new uses for these cool products.



watering a garden

Alt: Watering a garden


Angle valves are often used in irrigation systems to regulate the flow of water. By attaching an angle valve to your irrigation system, you can ensure that your plants are getting the right amount of water, and that water is not being wasted. There are also options for installing pressure regulators on these valves which allow you to control how much pressure goes through the valve.


If you need more pressure than a regular garden hose provides, then installing a regulator will allow your irrigation system to operate properly with high-pressure hoses as well. You could also use them in many different places where pipes enter buildings or houses, such as outdoor spigots or entryways. With them, you can turn off the flow of water when needed.


Watch the video below to learn how valves control the flow of water during irrigation.




a modern toilet

Alt: A Modern toilet


One of the most common places you’ll find an angle valve is on a toilet. The angle valve connects the water supply line to the fill valve inside the tank. When you flush the toilet, the angle valve opens and allows water to flow into the tank, filling it back up again. If your toilet’s not flushing correctly ensure you use the right valve.


There are also valves that go from the bottom of the tank to release water when the pressure gets too high. These are called air valves or ballcocks and they make sure that there’s always enough fresh water for a new flush. You can find these valves by looking for an overflow pipe coming out of your toilet tank (usually located near where you would put cleaning tablets).

Ice Box Maker


Ice box maker

Alt: Ice Box Maker


One great way to use an angle valve is as an ice box maker. By hooking up a small hose to the cold water supply and attaching it to the valve, you can create a DIY ice box that will keep your food and drinks cold all summer long. Drill a hole near the bottom of a container, insert one end of the hose into it and place the other end over a cup or jug full of water with an inverted funnel inside.


Fill the container with blocks of ice until they are completely submerged under water. Now just turn on the faucet until some liquid flows out from under the ice cubes – this means there is enough pressure inside to force them out through their holes and onto your dry surfaces.

Clothes Washing and Dryers


washing machine

Alt: Washing machine


Angle valves are great for connecting clothes washers and dryers since they can be installed in tight spaces. Plus, they create a watertight seal, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. They’re also handy for installing dishwashers, refrigerators, and other appliances under the sink.


In fact, washing machine angle valves make it easy to install a full set of plumbing fixtures without breaking the bank. The valve installs at an angle so it doesn’t take up any vertical space on your wall or floor. An angle valve is also good for giving any cold-water pipe a shutoff from the source if needed; it has three ports: one input and two outputs with 3/4 openings.

Use In Sink


a modern sink

Alt: A Modern sink


One of the most common places you’ll find an angle valve is under your kitchen sink. This is usually where the water supply lines for your faucet are located. The angle valve allows you to easily turn the water on and off without having to remove the entire faucet.


It also prevents those pesky leaks that can occur when using a standard faucet. You can also use a simple angle valve in other areas of your home such as your bathroom, laundry room, or any other place with a faucet or pipe that needs to be turned on or off with ease.

Pool supplies


swimming pool circulation

Alt: Swimming pool circulation


One way you can use angle valves is to regulate the flow of water to your pool. This is especially useful if you have a large pool that takes a long time to fill up. By using an angle valve, you can ensure that the water pressure is just right and that your pool doesn’t overflow. When you are having guests over for a pool party, it’s also convenient because it allows them to swim without fear of getting splashed by waves or draining the whole pool.

Air Ducts and Vents


air ducts

Alt: Air ducts


You can use angle valves to regulate the flow of air through your ducts and vents. By closing off some angles and opening others, you can control the direction and amount of airflow. It can be useful for redirecting air around a room, or for cutting off airflow to a particular area. The same principle applies when using angle valves with dryer vents – instead of having to take apart your dryer vent every time it needs maintenance, you can just close off one end and use the other end for venting.

Water Transfer Systems


a plumbing system

Alt: a plumbing system


One of the most common uses for angle valves is in water transfer systems. Whether you’re moving water from one location to another or simply trying to regulate the flow, these valves can be a big help. Here are a few tips on how to use them


  • If you want to turn off the flow of water, first close the inlet valve at the source and then open up an outlet valve.
  • To increase pressure or change direction, open an inlet valve and close an outlet valve; this will cause your system to reverse its current flow direction.
  • Finally, if you want to gradually decrease pressure without changing direction, just close all valves but one; this will give you more control over your final destination point.

Shower Rooms


shower room

Alt: Shower room


Angle valves are perfect for use in the shower room. They can be used to control the flow of water to the sink, toilet, or shower. Plus, they’re easy to install and use. The angled valve is installed under the sink and has a diverter that leads to either the tap or to a hose that connects with the toilet.


Install an angled valve into your wall at waist height in order to make it easier for you when washing hands, face, or brushing teeth. The clean water from a faucet is turned off when not needed by using an angled valve fitted under a countertop at waist height.

Underground Drainage Pipes


underground drainage

Alt: Underground drainage


Angle valves are commonly used in underground drainage pipes to regulate the flow of water. They are also used in sewer systems to control the flow of sewage and prevent flooding. In addition, angle valves can be used to regulate the flow of gas and oil in pipelines. It is also very common for municipalities to use them for waste disposal since they help reduce odor by trapping smells at the source. You can even use them on your home sprinkler system.

Hydraulic Plumbing


plumbing system

Alt: A plumbing system


If you’re looking for a way to add some extra pizazz to your home’s plumbing, then you should definitely consider using angle valves. Not only do they look great, but they’re also incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of different applications. One of the most popular uses is as a shut-off valve when installing toilets or sinks. They are also great for installation purposes because they offer easy installation into tight spaces where other valves cannot fit.

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Angle valves are an often overlooked but incredibly versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways around the home. From using them as emergency shut-offs to rerouting water flow, angle valves can make your life a whole lot easier. It is also important to consider the company you are purchasing your plumbing products from. YD Valves with over 23 years of experience got your back, we will offer you top-notch-quality angle valves at an affordable price please contact us.


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