A Comprehensive Guide on China Sourcing

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As we speak, China is currently towering for being the largest exporter globally, with the USA following closely. From electronic to plumbing products, China is still considered a giant.

It is not a coincidence that most businesses depend on China to source quality products. Considering the quality, pricing, and variety, no country can knock out China.

Finding high-quality products at the most competitive prices is one of your top priorities, whether you are a buying manager or a business owner.

Obtaining high-quality commodities at reasonable costs improves your company’s cost-effectiveness and profit percentages.

So how do you import from China? That’s where China sourcing companies come in. This guide will highlight everything you need to know about China sourcing. Fasten your belt, and let us start.

Why You Should Source From China?



Before we look at why you should source from China, check their 10 biggest exporting industries in 2022, according to research conducted by IBI World.

Manufacturing IndustryExports in Billions
Mobile phone134.2 USD
Integrated circuit123.3 USD
Smartphone118.7 USD
Computer107.5 USD
Computer peripheral78.3 USD
Building construction54.2 USD
Apparel50.9 USD
Steel rolling50.2 USD
Software development49.6 USD
Computer tablet42.6 USD

Now, below are the reasons you should source from china.


A Wide-ranging Supplier Base


The vast supplier base in China is one of the main arguments for importing from there. China has one of the most varied supplier bases in the entire globe.

You may find various sourcing firms for creating almost any type of product, from textiles and garments to electronics and plumbing products.

Low Risks


When buying items from China, choose a carefully planned sourcing strategy to minimize potential risks. You will be actively involved in each stage.

This will then enable you to receive early alerts of fraud risks, inflated profits, and late deliveries so that you can take action to mitigate them effectively.

The Ability to Select a Desirable Factory


Most sourcing companies will restrict you from reviewing the working terms and conditions. Just let your supplier know about the exact product. However, when purchasing Chinese goods, you can visit the factory in person to examine the working conditions.

Additionally, you can choose from a choice of factories and talk about your needs. As a result, choosing the right products and the relevant companies to make the needed products is possible when purchasing goods directly from China.

Reduced Labor Costs


The reduced labor cost is one of the most praised responses to the frequently posed question, “Why is it cheaper to create things in China?” In the manufacturing industry, labor cost is a significant factor in determining overall production costs.

Given that China has one of the highest populations in the world, it is simpler to locate both labor skills locally. It is feasible for sourcing companies in China to establish lower manufacturing costs due to the supply of local workers.


Outstanding Product Quality


It is a widespread misperception that Chinese goods are not long-lasting. They are frequently referred to as use-and-throw products. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Several small and medium-sized firms have already discovered suppliers supplying China-made goods of excellent quality.


In actuality, most suppliers have years of practical production expertise and are, thus, intimately familiar with the manufacturing process.

Additionally, they know the best and most affordable places to buy high-quality raw materials. They may already have the tools necessary to uphold a high-quality standard.

Many top manufacturers eagerly spend money on the right tools and technologies. In addition, you can hire a third-party quality control firm to ensure the product complies with your technical requirements and quality standards.


Direct Sourcing

Buyers frequently deal with many parties, or middlemen, while outsourcing causes delays and raises sourcing costs. However, you can interact directly with the producer when procuring goods from China.

China’s OEM market is fiercely competitive. As a result, most producers prefer to work directly with the purchasers to avoid the higher costs of using multiple middlemen.

Sometimes you just need to work with one china sourcing company, making it simpler to start.


Tips For Successful Sourcing in China


If you have never purchased goods from abroad, you may be unsure whether China is a good alternative. You might be debating whether the dangers are worthwhile.

When done correctly, purchasing from China offers many advantages over dangers. To ensure you acquire the most incredible products with the fewest risks, you must implement a well-thought-out strategy to accomplish these advantages. Some tips include:

1.Work With a Sourcing Agent

The outsourcing tasks are carried out on your behalf by a sourcing agency. You could be tempted to do it yourself instead of paying someone else.

You may believe that all you need to do is travel to China and contact a few providers. An excellent China sourcing agent like YD Valves can handle the full sourcing procedure.

The agent handles everything, from obtaining estimates from reputable manufacturers to sending the goods to your warehouse.


Select a seasoned agent with both a staffed and domestic office in China. They would be familiar with corporate procedures and the local tongue, including dialects.

The agent would assist you in getting in touch with reputable producers or suppliers who specialize in the goods you require because they have years of experience.

2.Verify Your Agent’s Credentials

Verifying an agent’s qualifications is just as crucial as choosing the proper one for your company.

When conducting an Internet search, avoid choosing the first name that appears.

Do not overlook the crucial step of researching the agent and confirming their certifications and record; it is worth the time.

A critical first step in successfully sourcing goods from China is to work with the correct agency. Make sure you partner with an agent who can help you build your business by asking the appropriate questions.

3.Go For What You Want

You must give your agency and the manufacturers a thorough specification of the materials or goods you need for the sourcing process to be effective.

Be specific about the qualities you seek in a finished good or raw material.


A lack of explicit instructions may confuse you, and you might receive something different from what you ordered. By choosing the wrong products, you will wind up squandering a lot of time and money.

4.Demand a Sample

Even if you give thorough directions, there is always a chance that the things you receive may not be what you expected. Demand a sample before placing an order to avoid such scenarios.

You could or might not be satisfied with the first sample you get. Write down the problems in detail and inform your manufacturer if the product does not meet the standards.

Your suggestions will enable the product’s creator to make necessary adjustments before moving forward with production.

5.Set Reasonable Prices

One of the main benefits of buying from China is its affordability. Indeed, domestically available prices are not as low as those in China.

You must keep in mind, though, that you get what you paid for. Chinese businesses can produce reasonably priced things thanks to cheap labor and technological improvements. However, it is advisable to stay away from the cheapest items when possible.

The Chinese manufacturing industry is also flourishing. Every day, new factories and manufacturers appear. The new competitors might agree to produce your products for dirt-cheap prices, but they will somehow sacrifice quality.

The products from the established factories will be of far greater quality, but they will cost more. Pricing must be considered while developing a China sourcing strategy.


Factors to Consider Before Picking a Sourcing Agent From China


Chinese sourcing companies are leading the way in innovation, which is fantastic for sellers focusing on a China sourcing strategy.

Advancements create opportunities for importers looking to market new or distinctive products in quality systems, materials engineering, and industrial engineering capabilities.

Before picking a sourcing company from China, you should consider the following things.



The company must take into account that there are cultural and linguistic barriers to go around when sourcing from China.

Even though the provider has English-speaking customer support representatives, many problems can be linked to miscommunication.

Unintentional mistakes in communication are common, of course. The company must be aware of this to prevent delays and expensive mistakes.


While expertise is preferred to inexperience in many fields across the globe; it is precious in sourcing due to the inherent risk.

Small to medium-sized businesses should be aware that sourcing from a nation located halfway around the world from them is risky because both their finances and their reputation are at stake.


Before picking a sourcing company, ensure they are qualified for the work. You can do that by checking on their certification and reviews online.

Also, ask about the company’s reputation to gather data about them. Additionally, you ask the companies about which businesses they have worked with previously.

One of the Best China Sourcing Agents

Companies that act as sourcing agents are crucial in assisting you in locating suitable suppliers for specific imported goods.

Finding the best sourcing agent in China can be daunting and difficult because there are no set industry standards.


Choosing the best China sourcing agency will ensure effective imports. Some offer extensive services in addition to product procurement, including quality control and production management.

This section covers the top China sourcing agency businesses that can meet your needs to assist you in making a decision. To learn more about them, keep reading.

YD Valves

Location: Zhejiang, China

Company Classification: Plumbing valves and fittings

Year of Establishment: 1999


YD Valves is among the giants when we talk about china sourcing companies. It’s a company established in 1999, which means they have hit 23 years in the market.

Being in the industry for such a long time is a guarantee that their products are of high quality and they have experienced staff to ensure every process goes well.


If you want to start sourcing products from China, YD Valves will meet all your taste and preferences. Their plumbing products are durable and function effectively without leakages.

Below is a table showing the market shares of their existing orders:


RegionMarket Share in percentage
Other Countries20%


They manufacture different plumbing products like angle valves, brass fittings, towel radiators, and bathroom safety products. That’s not enough. Do you want quality smart toilet seats, shower heads, and faucets?

Then make YD Valves your number-one China Sourcing company. If you have been looking for any plumbing fitting in China without success, you have not contacted this company. Below are additional products you can source from them:


Kindly watch the video below and see how dedicated and skilled YD Valves experts do their work.



Sourcing From China Mistakes to Avoid

China has become much more widely known worldwide, yet its level of global integration is not as high as its size suggests. While Western companies are always receptive to importing from China, they publicly lament the difficulties in sourcing from the Asian powerhouse.


While mistakes can happen frequently, they can be avoided with enough knowledge, care, and participation by purchasing appropriate standards listed below.

1.Not Asking For Product Samples

It is never a good idea to have the product built only to your specifications and designs. A supplier may overlook one or more details in your specification paper, resulting in poor product quality.

It is common for buyers to request samples from many vendors. A model proves that the supplier can make your product according to your specifications.

2.Assuming the Supplier Audit


An eCommerce business invests most of its funding in product sourcing and inventories. Therefore, a thorough audit of the supplier undergoing verification is only appropriate.

The most effective technique to evaluate a manufacturer’s competence is through a face-to-face discussion at the workplace. The entire picture of a supplier’s operation is shown to the retailer, from the standard of the raw materials to how the workers are treated.

3.Leaving Out the Pre-Shipment Inspection

When production is around 80% complete, a pre-shipment inspection is performed to verify the quantity and quality of the products. If there are flaws or violations, these can be discovered, and the proper corrective actions can be implemented.

A third-party inspection service examines random goods from every batch of your order. The firm must have a list of items to check off and know the appropriate standards for your industry.

4.Concentrating Only On Price


Although it is true that Chinese manufacturers offer significant profit margins, cost should not be the main issue. It’s not ideal for a shop to concentrate on pricing and undercut suppliers if it wants to keep its good rapport with its suppliers worldwide. The emphasis on expenses may also obscure the importance of developing products.

5.Breaching a Written Contract


A written contract is necessary for significant transactions. A retailer is shielded from any mistakes a supplier may make while creating the product if everything is in black and white. Moreover, it covers the provider from requests beyond what was agreed upon.

Conclusion:YD one of China sourcing agent.


Up to this point, you know everything about China Sourcing companies. Ensure you have researched the company you want to use as your sourcing agent.

Our final verdict is YD Valves. They are experienced, and their services are top-notch. They have professional customer care services to ensure all your inquiries are answered, and they are available anytime you need them. When you decide sourcing from china, kindly contact us.

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