A guide on Bathroom Safety Products

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According to the National Institute on Aging, 80% of falls occur in bathrooms. The shower room is a terrifying area for those with mobility problems because there are potential hazards everywhere.

A slip or fall may not be life-threatening for a younger person, but it can make an elderly person immobile. This is especially crucial if they suffer from other medical conditions that a fall can exacerbate.

For that matter, it is safe to have bathroom safety products installed to boost their well-being. These safety products are available in the market, and it’s vital to ensure you source them from a reliable supplier.

You can imagine sourcing a low-quality product to help you avoid accidents. It will worsen the situation; YD Valve manufacturers should be your number one supplier. Read on and learn more about bathroom safety products.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Bathroom Safety Products


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The following list highlights five advantages of adopting bathroom safety products in your home:

1.Prevent Accidents


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Installing safety features in your bathroom helps lessen the likelihood of an accident. The shower room is where a significant portion of falls that elders experience occur.

When using it, slipping in the shower or on a wet floor, or getting on or off the toilet are all potential causes of falls. Installation of grab bars and non-slip matting might lessen your risk of falling.


Utilizing bathroom safety equipment will let you accomplish more on your own. You can maintain your independence to a greater extent. All of us aspire to independence. But doing it this way guarantees your safety.

3.Longer Stay at Home

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You can keep your family home longer if you take steps to strengthen its defenses and make it a less hazardous environment in which to live.

This begins in the bathroom and continues throughout the rest of your residence. You can utilize safety products on your own, in combination with supportive family members, and this will help you maintain your independence and live a more independent lifestyle.

4.Peace of Mind


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Installing safety products in the bathroom can give you a sense of calmness and assurance. It will also make your family members feel better about the fact that you are living there.

Everyone else will be able to slumber more soundly, knowing that you are taking preventative measures to safeguard your safety.

5.A Pool of Options


It doesn’t matter if you have physical restrictions or a medical condition; there are bathroom safety products that you may have installed in your home that will assist you. Installing a shower bench is one solution if you cannot stand up in the shower.

Do you have problems with your eyesight? Install improved lighting.

Do you require a little more support when getting off the toilet? Put in a grab bar and ensure it’s in the right spot. Everyone can find a solution that works for them.

8 Bathroom Safety Products You Should Install


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According to the CDC, more than a million Americans get a slip, trip, and fall injuries yearly, and more than 17,000 Americans pass away due to these injuries.

Additionally, 20% to 30% of those who encounter a slip and fall are thought to sustain moderate to serious injuries, such as head injuries, hip fractures, or bruises.

A slick surface is the main reason for falls and slips. The restroom is where the great majority of these falls happen.

The bathroom is the most risky space in the house because of its damp and slippery nature. Below are eight bathroom safety products you should install to minimize the risks.

Grab Bars

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Many individuals use a towel bar or soap dish to balance themselves while in the shower, but doing so can be risky because they aren’t made to support your weight.

Standing or sitting down on a toilet is a factor in 14% of bathroom accidents reported to Emergency rooms. While showering and entering or exiting the shower or tub, grab bars can safely and securely offer balance. Many can even be positioned close to the toilet to facilitate standing and sitting.


Some items need to be installed with drilling, while others can simply be suction-cupped to the wall without any tools. Usually, these suction bars have a visual signal that changes from red to green to let you know when they are firmly attached to the wall.

Grab bars are available in various diameters and lengths to suit your requirements. Many of them have texture to give a firm grip even when wet.

Grab bars can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or diagonally depending on your demands. For support during the entire bathing procedure, you may choose to install grab bars on the walls of the shower and at its entry.

Grab bathroom bars are available in various designs, colors, and sizes. Among the most typical design for bathroom grab bars are:


  • Wall-mounted grab bars.These grab bars have mounting screws and anchors attached to the wall so that they are in a secure position.
  • Bathtub-mounted grab bar.Stability is provided by adjustable clamps that tightly fit the base of the grab bar over the bathtub’s rim. This is helpful when getting in and out of the tub.
  • Suction grab bar. These grasp bars work best as a temporary solution, such as when traveling or healing from injuries. They adhere to the wall with suction cups. Suction grab bars are typically used to aid in balance and are not designed to bear the entire weight of your body. Constantly review the suction on the bars because it could deteriorate with time. Never place these bars on drywall; always use a non-porous surface like tile.
  • Folding grab bar. When not in use, these grab bars can be folded down or flipped up out of the way to preserve space in situations with little room, such as next to the toilet or sink.
  • Free-standing grab bar. These are often floor-to-ceiling tension bars installed next to the bathtub or shower to assist with getting in and out of those spaces.

Lastly, it’s crucial to hire a plumber to install a safety grab bar for you, but still, you can do it yourself when you follow all the instructions in this video.

Shower Chair

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Adding a shower or bath chair to an elderly person’s space is one strategy that can be utilized to preserve their sense of autonomy.

It is possible to feel fatigued when bathing and lose equilibrium, particularly if you close your eyes to remove soap residue from your face or hair while standing in the shower.


A few different configurations are available for this type of bathroom safety product, including ones with backs and/or arms, ones without, and ones with or without wheels.

Many different styles are available, allowing you to pick one that complements your available area and requirements, extending your capacity to live independently.

Even though the most common kind has four legs and rubberized feet, there is a surprising variety of other shower chairs that can be purchased in stores and online nowadays. Below are a few types of shower chairs available in the market.

Folding Stool Style

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These firm folding stools include conventional rubberized feet, handgrips to aid movement to and from the shower, and a seat with no back for minimal support while bathing. They are the simplest and most cost-effective gadgets available.


These are equipped with two rubberized feet and are designed for long-term shower installation. The chair back is attached to the shower wall for added steadiness.

Typically used in conjunction with a support rod that is constructed into the wall adjacent to the shower to act as a handgrip when entering and exiting the shower.


This model stands out from the competition thanks to the use of rubberized wheels that come equipped with locking mechanisms. Some models are equipped with a cushioned seat that can be flipped up and down, serving as a commode chair and a shower chair.

Baby Shower Chairs

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There are a few variations on the baby shower chair, but ultimately they all serve the same purpose. To make it easier for parents to bathe their babies without having to bend over excessively or strain their backs while also ensuring the stability and comfort of the youngster being bathed.

Transfer Benches

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Transfer benches allow you to use the tub safely by allowing you to slide onto the bench from the outside. Since users can remain seated while entering, exiting, and bathing, this can be a more secure solution than grip bars or safety rails for people with substantial balance concerns or weakness in their legs.

Typically, transfer benches are set up with two legs outside and two within the tub. You should level the bench by adjusting both sides because bathtub floors are often higher than bathroom floors.

Before utilizing the bench, ensure that the two legs on either side of the tub are equal and that the bench is stable.

Use a transfer bench by sitting on the side of the bench away from the bathtub, sliding to the middle, using the bench’s arm or handle for support if available, and lifting each leg over the tub wall.

After showering, slide back outdoors and lift your legs once more, sure to turn slowly and without twisting to prevent harm.

Walk-in Tubs

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A walk-in bathtub is made to allow you to enter it without using your hands. To reduce the risks of sliding and falling, this is intended for people with problems getting in and out of ordinary bathtubs.

Instead of having more horizontal rooms like a typical bathtub, extra vertical features are added to the design to achieve this.


Walk-in bathtubs typically include footholds and handlebars, and many have seats so you can sit down while taking a bath, relieving some of the strain on your legs.

Before we look at the types of walk-in tubs, watch the video below to learn how to install them and how it works.

Some walk-in bathtub types are:

Walk-in Soak

This walk-in bathtub is profound for your chest and lower body to completely submerge while seated on a bench built into the tub. This walk-in tub model does not have any air jets or water jets, and it only delivers the standard amenities of a walk-in tub.


The only difference between regular walk-in tubs and aromatherapy ones is that they feature air bubbles in the water, which provide a light massage to important regions of the body, while the latter does not.

A therapeutic effect is produced by the air bubbles, which help to ease any muscle pains, spasms, tightness, or soreness.


A hydrotherapy walk-in bathtub provides a therapeutic massage to ease painful muscle soreness by positioning water jets strategically to massage those critical body parts.

Bariatric Tub

One type of walk-in tub, known as a bariatric walk-in tub, is constructed to accommodate individuals weighing up to 137 kilograms, bringing the tub’s total capacity up to 272 kilograms. A larger door and a more spacious seat have been incorporated into the design to adapt to the greater weight.

Wheelchair Accessible Tub

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These walk-in tubs are constructed with wheelchairs in mind, giving a wider door, a lower threshold, and a chair-height seat close to the door. This reduces the user’s danger of falling when transferring to the seat and makes the bathtub wheelchair accessible.

Bathtub Safety Rails

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When stepping into or out of the tub, having an extra stable footing can be helpful. Bathtub safety rails attach to the side of the tub and clamp into place.

In addition, many of them are height-adjustable or include dual or tri-grip rails so that various people may use them. Installation is simple and requires very few or even no special tools.

To determine whether or not the rail will be able to fit on the side of your tub, you should first measure its width. If your tub is made of fiberglass, you should check to see if the rail can be used on it because many rails are not designed to be used on fiberglass tubs.

Commode Chair

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People who have difficulty getting to the bathroom may benefit from using a commode chair, similar to a toilet chair built to stand on its own.

A bedside commode chair and a shower commode chair are the two primary configurations available for purchase. It is possible to position bedside commode chairs next to a bed to be within easy reach.


They have armrests and a removable pan that can be discreetly removed and cleaned from underneath the seat. A shower commode is comparable to a commode kept beside the bed;

however, in addition to being wheeled into the bathroom, it can also be positioned over a flushable toilet. Other types include the following:

Portable Commodes

These Commodes are often mobile and equipped with wheels. They have four wheels and a handle on the back for easy moving. When they need to be fixed, the wheels’ locks make them friendly and secure.

Typically, portable toilets are made to be moved by a caregiver when the user is incapable of doing so or is being used in a care facility.

Static Commodes

These commodes are usually stationary and will be set up in a specific location. There will be four non-slip ferrules on the legs of this type of commode, creating a stable, secure platform.

It is possible to move the chair, but you will need to carry it. A stable, portable solution for a commode is a static commode. When the cover is over it, it can also serve as a seat.


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These are bigger than typical to fit a more extensive user. These commodes have a bigger and deeper seated area as their principal characteristic.

With bariatric persons, it is normal for frames to support the heavier weight. Standard toilets have a weight restriction and might not be big enough to fit or support a more significant user.

Raised Toilet Seat

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It’s equipment that is fixed on top of a toilet bowl to have its height increased. They are typically utilized by older individuals and others who might have problems sitting in toilet-height seats. There are several heights for toilet seat risers, but most are between two and six inches.

Most raised toilet seats are versatile, which means they may be used with toilet bowls that are both round and oval. There are different types depending on how they are fastened to the toilet. Below is a list of a few designs available in the market:


This model is a common one in the market. They present a choice that is both expedient and uncomplicated because of the relative ease with which they may be installed. Because they do not have locks or hand grips, the installation consists of simply positioning them over the bowl.

With an Adjustable Knob

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Some have a lock or a knob that can be adjusted. Even though installing these mechanisms is a pain, they offer the advantage of ensuring that the item in question will fit flawlessly into the bowl. The vast majority require an adjustment knob or seat bolts to be tightened.

Height-Adjustable Elevated Toilet Seats

Even though they are often more costly, some elevated ones enable you to adjust the height. Clamps attach to the toilet’s side and can be raised or lowered according to your preferences. They might be trickier to install, similar to locked raised toilet seats.

When looking for a raised toilet seat, it’s also crucial to consider hand grips. It is sometimes referred to as arms supports and may be helpful for people who sit using their upper body strength. However, hand grips should only be used sparingly because they weren’t made to support your weight entirely.

Some get mixed up to differentiate a raised toilet seat from a commode seat. Below are the differences.


Raised Toilet SeatCommode chair
This is a piece of equipment used to raise the height of a toilet bowl.It is a free-standing, non-plumbed toileting item with handrails and a seat.
It is fixed on a stationary toilet.It can be placed anywhere, including beside your bed.
To use this device, one has to move to the toilet.You can use this item anywhere because it is foldable.
It has a height of 2 to 6 inches.Its height ranges from 15.5 inches to 21.5 inches.


Non-Slip Mat

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Several distinctive qualities set anti-slip mats apart from conventional mats; they are not always merely rubber mats.

Anti-slip flooring makes a significant effort to stop mishaps in moist areas like restrooms. They can collect moisture or dirt and have proper drainage holes, preventing direct user contact.

Also, they have textured surfaces for better footing. They consist of high-quality materials for effective wear resistance. When you use a practical anti-slip mat like those from YD Valves, you will minimize potential slips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of a Commode?


It is a particular chair used by those who require assistance using the bathroom because of an illness, accident, or handicap. Some can quickly move to the restroom or shower, thanks to their wheels.

How Much is a Walk-in Tub?

The cost is between $2,000 and $20,000. The type of tub has the most significant impact on the overall cost. Other aspects, including quality, design, and size, also impact the pricing.

Are Shower Chairs Safe for Use by Seniors?

Yes. Elderly people who use shower chairs can get the much-needed stability they need. They provide a cozy spot to recline when taking a shower, which might reduce the risk of falling.

What is the Ideal Height for a Grab Bar?

The ADA Standards stipulate that horizontal grab bars must be installed between 33 and 36 inches above the finished bathroom, shower, or tub floor.

Why You Should Source Your Bathroom Safety Products From YD Valves


YD Valves is among the most reputable manufacturer, suppliers, and wholesalers of plumbing valves and fittings globally. The company was established in 1999 and is located in China.

One of the significant fields we major in is making bathroom safety products to help you minimize risks in your shower room. Below are why you should source your products from YD Valves:

Quality Products. Everyone desires to buy a satisfactory quality product, and that’s precisely what you get when you engage us at YD Valves. Our products are made from quality materials, and every process is supervised to ensure the output meet market standards.

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The products we listed above can help keep you, or a loved one safe at home, even if bathrooms can be a significant safety risk if you’re not attentive.

You can contribute to making your shower room safe and convenient by making a few little changes and upgrades.

Make the bathroom a peaceful, safe environment so you may stay in your home longer and with more security, rather than the most dangerous room in the house. For quality bathroom safety products, kindly contact us.

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