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Our factory specialized in design and production of valves and fittings. We were established in 1999 and, since its birth, has roughly 19 years’ experience in Angle Valves and fittings industrial field. Our factory has not just supplied valves, but also provided useful advice, suggestions, collaboration and an excellent customer service.

Brass Plumbing Angle Valves and Fittings Manufacturer in China

The move to the new location in Qing Gang took place at the beginning of 2015 and subsequently doubled its area in 2018 by building an adjacent and communicating establishment with the existing one, thus considerably enlarging the production area, technical, commercial and administrative offices as well as other areas. Now we have roughly 300 workers in our manufacturer.

100 Employees for production.

80  Employees for assembling.

60  Employees for packing.

16  Employees in QC/QA Dep.

12  Employees in R&D Dep.

The rest ones for quality control, material purchase and other some internal work

Brass Plumbing Angle Valves and Fittings Manufacturer in China

During the years we have incremented its constant growth aimed at fully satisfying the goals which have been set out over time in terms of product quality, new technologically advanced machinery, technological and educational development in all sectors of the manufacturer, in addition to certifications for quality systems, safety, and the environment.


Our Management team is composed by young and skilled people all coming from the valve and fitting Industry with a solid background in the key positions as well as in project design engineering, production and executive responsibilities in a commercial and managerial environment.

Customer Satisfaction is one of our main target, and this achievement is pursued through the continuous improvement of all manufacturer processes by enforcing the quality program and upgrading the Product Range supported by our natural desire of challenges.

This is to extend our unique service to many other worldwide Angle stop valves’ Customers.


Our Sales department strategy is to find the best solutions for our Customers, resulting in the creation of long-standing relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.

Since YD was founded, quality products and reliable services have been the key to our success.

Our skilled sales team is able to suggest the best combination of product design, material options and pricing with timely and accurate quotations.

YUNDA COMPRESSION Angle valve business

The Market share of our existing orders:

45% from the European market

35% from the US market

The rest from other countries and regions.

YUNDA valve manufacturer market share


Our Engineering department is the pillar of YD, it permits all other departments to work in the easiest and correct way and help the manufacturer in finding the best solutions for Customers expectations.

Since YD was founded, it is continually working to innovate, sharpen up and improve products.

Auto CNC  2 sets for Lead-Free brass fittings

Digital CNC  120 sets

Auto CNC  10 sets for the valve body and angle valve parts

Forged machines  16 sets

2 set Auto Assemble line for quarter turn angle valve.

Assemble line  12 sets

Our Engineers can work with the most advanced software applications, according to the customers’ requirements our products can be designed, manufactured and tested according to the main international standards.

ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems

CE, WRAS, ACS For the European market


CUPC, NSF, AB1953 For Northern America



Our Manufacturing department target, including Procurement activities, is to find the best raw materials from the brass raw market, to select the best partner and to plan and control the complete manufacturing process in order to angle valve replacement or improve delivery time.

Lead Brass:Hpb57-3,Hpb58-2,Cw617N,CW602N(DZR) and C37700 for European

Lead-Free brass: HSI60, C46500, and C87860 for the US

In present, 1.2 Million Pieces of valves Monthly, and Used Capacity 70%

Max. Production capacity gets 2 Million Pieces of Valves Monthly.

Our Production engineers are directly involved in Sub Supplier selection and qualification in order to create a long-standing relationship and support YD to maintain its manufacturing targets.


Our Testing department allows YD to be confident in the final quality of the products.Such as angle valve function, angle valve sizes, angle valve installation, angle valve specification,angle valve parts.

Our R&D group performs intense test activities to prove the design before the product is commercialized.

Since YD was founded, each and every product is 100% Hydrostatically and Functionally tested in our LAB BY equipment.


Life Cycle Testing Machine

water Flow Machine

Bend Strength Tester

Torque Tester

Hydraulic Testing Machine

Salt Spray Test Cabinet

Dezincification Resistance Test Machine

Acc. ASMEA112.18.1-2012/CSA B125.1-12

Apply for laboratory approved by IAS


Our Aftersales service works closely with our clients towards having a mutual exchange of information regarding our products and we will be happy to discuss the possibility of upgrading specific design features and materials of construction, depending on the experiences encountered in the specific applications.

Since YD was founded, Aftersales service supports our Customers in any their requirements.

In the our workshop, we are able to offer a complete range of assistance, including service with quick and Reliable refurbishment for our entire range of products. Such as Angle valve, Angle Stop valve, PEX Angle Valve, toilet water valve, Bathroom Valve, toilet angle valve, multi turn valve, shutoff valve, water supply valve, toilet compression shut off valve, washing machine valves,Brass Angle ball valve, Bibcock Tap, Mini Ball valve, Thermostatic Radiator Valve, ice maker water hammer arrestor, Brass plumbing fitting.

Warehouse and Logistical

Set up advanced warehouse & logistics center.

Warehouse & logistics center  building  77,000sq.ft

Warehouse & logistics center


Our customers are located around the globe and have distributed so far an unexpected success to our endeavors: responsiveness, flexibility, qualified support, cost efficiency are the key factors that have determined a clear recognition of the Vis Hydraulics brand. We strive each and every day for continuous improvement in order to meet and possibly exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our young staff is greatly motivated and daily contributes to helping Vis Hydraulics continue on what so far has been a successful path.



To offer innovative, cutting-edge and high-quality products.


To create the perfect valves and fitting for each customer.


We believe in people and in their potential because the greatness of a company is due to the skills and professionalism of all its co-workers. We reached big results and our ongoing growth is due to the commitment and skills of each co-worker.

We believe that a company should bring wealth to people, the surrounding area and environment. Our goal is to develop a path to sustainable growth, going beyond the mere quick profit by developing projects to give a healthy world to the future generations.

We believe in respecting the eco-system, therefore we commit ourselves every day to make our company increasingly more sustainable investing in process innovation and training, notably focusing on building company systems that will respect business purposes and environment protection.


We—YD Angle valve manufacturers are at your disposal for any requests: sales@ydvalves.com


+86 13958281951

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Brass Plumbing Angle Valves and Fittings Manufacturer in China
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Brass Plumbing Angle Valves and Fittings Manufacturer in China
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Brass Plumbing Angle Valves and Fittings Manufacturer in China
Brass Plumbing Angle Valves and Fittings Manufacturer in China
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