YD LED Mirror
Benefit Choosing Our LED Mirror
  • 5 YEAR Warranty – LED Lighting, will last a lifetime
  • Perfect Lighting for Make Up and Hair – Shows Your True Colors
  • Adds Luxury to Any Bath Decor-Women Love Our Mirrors

LED Mirror Manufacturer

As a Leading LED Mirror Manufacturer, YD LED Mirrors are Giving Overwhelming Affections to The Environment. It is Perfectly Versatile And Frequently Attaches to The Bathroom, Dining, Bedroom areas, etc. LED Mirrors are More Energy-Saver And Have Durable LED.

It Adds Obvious Attraction to The Ambiance. Plus, It is Outstandingly Affordable Compared to The Other Type of Mirrors. It Produces Glaring Lights Into The Place In Which The Mirror is Mainly Placed.

  • Rust Resistant White Powder Coated Steel Base
  • High Output 5050 SMD LEDs, Energy Saving And Long Life Of 50000 Hours
  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI>80), Ideal For Makeup Application
  • Built-In Electronic LED Driver CE / UL Certificated

YD LED Mirror Manufacturer

We Have Got Full Certifications For All Our YD LED Mirror, Send Your Inquiry NOW

YD LED Mirror Manufacturer

Our Factory is Located in Wenzhou City. It’s About Four Hours to HangZhou By Car.
led mirror manufacturer
led mirror manufacturer
led mirror manufacturer
led mirror manufacturer

Why Choose YD LED Mirror Manufacturer?

The LED Mirrors are Known As The Power-Efficient Way to Give Lights to The Usual Mirror. At The Same Time, This is The Most Money Saver.

It Helps The Environment So Much Attractive to Look Around. When Making A Comparison Between LED Mirrors And Traditional Bulbs, LED Mirrors to Remain The Best Attractive Mirror So Far.

Though, The Best Place to Hang The Mirror is Into The Bathroom. Ideal And The Most Appropriate Location For An LED Mirror’s Installments.


YD Your Leading LED Mirror Manufacturer

LED Mirrors are Available on Different Colors, Sizes, Edges, And More Specifications. Standard-Made LED Mirrors are Seen on-The-Market. The Standard Type is Easily Bent And Has Its total Flexibility.

An Unlimited Variety of Designs of These Mirrors are Currently Available. Anywhere You Desired to Locate These, LED Mirrors are Easy to Install. Creative Decorations are What LED Mirrors’ Main Purpose. This is Incomparable to Any Categorized Mirrors.

  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • IP44 Rating, Suitable For Using In Luxury Hotel Bathroom Area 2
  • Easy-Hanging Installation & Maintenance
  • Approved by : CUL ETL CETL CE RoHS
  • Custom-Made: The Size Of Anti Fogger Led Lighted Mirror

LED Mirror Manufacturer

LED Mirror Manufacturer

LED Mirror Manufacturer

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LED Mirror Manufacturer,LED Bathroom Mirror Manufacturer and Suppliers in China

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These are Including Different Categorized Selections. Silver, Aluminum, Copper are The 3 Different Classifications of LED Mirrors That Surely Be Purchase In Bulk Ways. Our offered Mirrors are Defined As Having Anti-Fog Functions.

However, The Quality of The LED Lighting Has The Especial Potentiality to Calm The Person`S Heart. It Gives Relaxation And Stress-Free Because It offers only Just Energy-Friendly Costs. Highly Designed LED Mirrors are offered At The Same Cheaper Prices.

Besides, These Mirrors are Giving A Natural Color. The LED Lights That Attach to It Originated From Various Color Temperatures. This Might Be A Cooler Color Or Warm Color Temperatures.

The Light That Mainly Comes From The LED Brings True-to-Life Color. All Because of That, Applying Pieces of Stuff Can`T Be So Much Difficult. Indeed, Much Easier on Doing Hairstyles, Putting Makeups, And More are Been Proven By This Time.

Besides, LED Lightings are Encircling The Mirror And As A Result, There are No Shadows That Will Ever Be Produced. That Makes More Precise When Grooming Someone’s Look.

Our LED Mirrors are Arranged With Systemized Anti-Fog Purposes. And Because of That, Immediately Using The Mirror After Bath is Helpful. Because of The Anti-Fog Attachment, There`S No Need to Wiping The Mirror. It is The Clearer Mirror With Optimizing Anti-Fog Functions.

YD is The Corporation That Prioritizes The Needs of Most Wholesale Buyers/Clients. We are The Outstanding Inventor of Flexible And Most Efficient LED Mirrors. In Any Number of Orders And Specified Quality, We are Responsible to Handle Your Concerns And Necessities.

Especially When It Gives An Impact on Your Business Progressions. We are Experts In This Manufacturing Industry For Years. Since 1999 In Service, We Knew Some Tactics That Surely Helps For Your Business Development Stages.

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