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  • Handicap Grab Bars; Non Slip Mats
  • Walk-in Tubs; Raised Toilet Seat
  • Transfer Benches; Commode Chair
  • Wall Mounted Shower Seat
  • Wall Mounted Shower Chair

YD Bathroom Safety Products

YD Bath Safety Products Maintains Safety of the Bathrooms and Especially Helpful for Those Persons Needed for Special Assistance.

These Products will Reduce the Risk of Accidental Falls in Bathroom areas. YD offers Many Types of Bathroom Safety Products.

Among YD Bathroom Safety Products are Grab Bars, Toilet Grab Bars, Flip-Up Grab Bar, Grab Rails, Toilet Handrails, Walk-in Tubs, Transfer Benches, And Many More.

Full Certification On Bathroom Safety Products

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YD Bathroom Safety Products Manufacturer

YD Manufacture Bathroom Safety Products Using Highly Durable Raw Materials. Our Engineers Select the Right Materials When Manufacturing Bathroom Safety Accessories to Attain Its Robustness And Efficiency.

All Bathroom Safety Solutions are Designed And Developed With Careful Attention to Their Functional Properties. Each And Every Bathroom Safety Products Meet The international Quality Standards, Complies With CE, WRAS, ACS Specifications.

These Bathroom Safety Products Were Available in Different Excellent Styling Designs. Whether You Need Bath Safety Accessories for Your Business or Special Projects, YD Has The Selection Fit for Your Needs.

Our Variety of Safety Products Is Ultimately Admirable for Applications Where Extra-Strong Safety Solutions are intensely Required. Our Bath Safety Products are 100% Functionally Tested.

Therefore You Can Assure High-Quality Products With Us in The Most Cost-Effective Way.

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At Our Manufacturer in YD We Develop and Produce Control Bathroom Safety Products That We Deliver with Built-on Accessories Ready for Use. All Customers' Needs Are Always at Heart of What We Do.
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    Factory Address: Qinggang Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Zhejiang, China.

YD Bathroom Safety Products

Our Bathroom Safety Products Features The Advantageous Aspect Making It Perfect installed in-Home or Facility Establishments.

grab bar

If You are Uncertain Which Item Best Suitable for Your Situation, Then You Can Consult With Our Expert. They Will Give Professional Suggestions And Advice That Will Help You Choose And Obtain The Best Products.

All of Our Bath Safety Products include/ Provided With instructions. You Will Have A Guide to Properly install Them.

Grab Bar installation

If You Wish to Custom orders for Your Particular Applications, We Can Also Perform Customization According to Your Requirements.

With YD, You Can Find The Best Solution for Your Bathrooms. Accessible And Safer Bathing Experience Is Attainable With YD Bath Accessories.

These Products Manufactured Through The Latest Machines And Strong Background Experience. Our Engineer Expertise Enables Them to Design And Manufacture innovative Products.

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Here in YD, Our Ultimate Goal Is Safety. We Manufacture And Supply Bathroom Products According to The Main international Requirements.

We Deliver The Best Possible Combination of Significant innovation, Functional Features, And Long-Lasting Value. for Residential or Commercial Applications, YD Safety Products Serve As The Perfect Solution.

For Daily Living Activities Safety Options, Our Products Securely Support And Hold A Certain Weight Amount. in The Home, Hospital, Clinical Setting, or Any Other Establishment, YD Safety Product Access Multitude Needs of toileting And Bathing Experience.

Grab Bar

With YD Wide Variety of Bathroom Safety Products, You Can Easily Choose The Best And Reliable Options for Your Application.

YD Equipped With Over 300 Professionals Workers That are Expert With Their Field of Production. Our Rich industry Experience And Valuable Production Placed Us to Be One of The Trusted And Reliable Bathroom Safety Products Manufacturers in China.


for Your orders, We Can Provide Technical Assistance And Qualified Support to Meet Exactly What You Need.

Our Main Products is including as follows:

Grab Bar                                            Shower Seat                                  Walk-in Tubs

Toilet Grab Bars                               Shower Chair                                Non Slip Mats

Flip Up Grab Bar                              Commode Chair                          Raised Toilet Seat

Bathtub Grab Bars                          Transfer Bench                            Handicap Grab Bars

Toilet Handrails                              Grab Rail

However, If You Have Any Special Requests or Any Further Questions, Please Feel Free to Contact Us. We’re Always Ready to Help You.

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