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Brass Bibcocks

As One of Brass Bibcock Manufacturers, YD Wholesale Brass Bibcock is Made up of Zinc Alloy and Brass. Our Range of Brass Bibcock Comes With Wide Variety of Finishing.

We have YD Brass Bibcock in Chrome Plating, Yellow Brass Color, Nickel Plated, Polished, and Bronze Plated.

YD Brass Bibcock is Able to Work in Medium Water, 1.0 Mpa Pressure and 0°C to 90 °C.

  • Male Thread According To ISO288/1.
  • Its Operating Pressure Is Max.10bar; Test Pressure Is 16bar,
  • And Hot Water Temperature Is A Max.80 °C,
  • 100% Tested For Leakages.

Full Certification On All Brass Bibcock

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YD One of Brass Bibcock Manufacturers

As One of Brass Bibcock Manufacturers, YD Manufactures Matt Appearance Brass Bibcock Which has A Body of forged Brass. YD Brass Bibcock has A Male Thread in Accordance to ISO228, Equivalent to BS2779 and DIN259.

YD Brass Bibcock is Able to Operate

  • A Pressure of Maximum 10 Bar,
  • And Test Pressure is 16 Bar. Also,
  • Our Brass Bibcock Operates A Maximum of 80 °C Hot Water Temperature.
  • All YD Brass Bibcock is 100% Tested for Leakage.

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At Our Manufacturer in YD We Develop and Produce Control Brass Bibcocks That We Deliver with Built-on Accessories Ready for Use. All Customers' Needs Are Always at Heart of What We Do.
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    Factory Address: Qinggang Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Zhejiang, China.

One of Leading Brass Bibcock Manufacturers, Bib Tap Suppliers in China

YD Produces Nickel Plated Brass Bibcock. It has Electroplated Nickel Layer for Highly Stable in Air. Nickel Plated is Strong Passivation.

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This Thin Passivation is Produced On The Surface. YD Brass Bibcock Can Withstand Waste Due to Certain Acids, Alkali and Air.

It Extending The Life of Brass Bibcock Nickel Plated and Improving Reliability of The System. YD Brass Bibcock is Widely Used for Agricultural Field, House Faucets, Washing Machine and Many Others.

brass bibcock manufacturers

YD Traditional Outside Tap Brass Bibcock is Angled for Easy Use. YD Brass Bibcock is Easy to install and Protects Against Corrosion in Environment Condition.

All YD Brass top and Bibcock has A Hose Connector and Threaded Outlet That Correspond to All Standard Hose Fitting. YD Brass Bibcock included Hose Union With Screw off Connector.

brass bibcock manufacturers

YD Provide Threaded Outlet Which Suits All Standard Hose Fitting. Additionally, The Screw off Connector of YD Brass Bibcock is Designed for Easy Removal.

YD is A Professional Manufacturer and Supplier of Valve and Fittings. We Supply Wide Range of Globe Valve and Stop Valve Such As Brass Solder Stop Valve, Brass Globe Valve and Brass Compression Stop Valve.

All YD Brass Bibcock is Produced Through CNC Machine. Caps and Bodied of YD Brass Bibcock areProduced By forged Technics and Casting Technics. YD Company Have Passed international Certification.

We are Certified to ISO 9001 CE and CUPC Approved. In Our Factory, We Have Production Lines to Ensure All Our Brass Bibcock is At A Highest Quality. We offer After-Sale Service to Solve All Kinds of Technical Problem.

YD Have Been in industry for 20 Years. We Produce Fittings, Valves, Hot Air Valve, Plumbing Fittings and More.

We offer Our Customers A Competitive Price for Brass Bibcocks. YD is Dedicated to Production, Design and Distribution of Large Number of Fittings, Adapters and All Water Solution.

Moreover, YD Specialized in Manufacturing Bronze and Brass Fittings and Valve, Pipe Fittings, and Water Meter Accessories. We involved The Field of Brass investment Casting, Brass forged, Bronze Sand Casting, Etc.

We Provide Our Customer At Very Affordable Price. YD has A Professional Team to Provide You Quality Products to Be Delivered On Time. We Have Strong ODM and OEM Ability for Clients.

Thus, YD Will Always Provide The Right Fittings and Valve Which Material Used are Bronze & Brass for All Water Solution. Contact Us today!

YD Brass Bibcocks Has

  • A Forged Brass Body With Matt Appearance
  • And Nickel Plated Male Thread According To ISO288/1.
  • Its Operating Pressure Is Max.10bar;
  • Test Pressure Is 16bar,
  • And Hot Water Temperature Is a Max.80 °C, Which Is 100% Tested For Leakages.

Brass Bibcock Manufacturers


The Nickel Plated YD Brass Bibcocks Has An Electroplated Nickel Layer Which Is Highly Stable In Air.

Due To The Strong Passivation Ability Of Nickel Metal, Very Thin Passivation Can Be Rapidly Generated On The Surface.

Membranes Can Resist Corrosion Due To Air, Alkali And Certain Acids. It Improves The Reliability Of The System As Well As Prolonging The Life Of Nickel Plated Brass Bibcock.

Brass Bibcock Manufacturers bib tap package information


YD Brass Bibcocks Is A Traditional Outside Tap Which Is Angled For Easy Use. This Tap Is Easily Installed And Has A Brass Body Which Helps Protect Against Corrosion In All Weathers.

Bibcocks & Brass Taps With Hose Connector Has A Threaded Outlet Which Conforms To All Standard Garden Hose Fittings.

Brass Bibcock Manufacturers

The Hose Union Is Included And Comes With A Screw Off Connector For Easy Removal, and A Threaded Outlet For Standard Hose Fittings.

YD Brass Bibcocks Are Cost Competitive And Meet The Highest Quality Standards, Besides Guaranteeing Long Service Lifespan.

Brass Bibcock Manufacturers


Our Company has the ISO9001 Certification and CE Approval for Our Ball Valves, And CUPC Approval For Our Bronze Ball Valves.

Based On The Spirit Of “Honesty, Pragmatic, Innovation,” We Are Proud To Own One Professional Team And Provide Customers With Competitive Prices, Quality Products, Delivered On Time.

Also, We Have Strong OEM And ODM Capability For Clients To Supply Various Valves and Fittings in Brass & Bronze Material for Water Solution.

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