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YD HDPE Pipe is Designed to Be One of The Best Materials Used for The Residential and Commercial Plumbing System. Also Applicable to Reclaimed Water Projects and Hydronic Heating.

It is Highly Flexible and Freezes Resistant, Plus This is Also LEAD-Free. Our HDPE Pipe is Available in Different Types Such As , HDPE, and MDPE. The HDPE Pipe offered By Us is Very Cost-Effective and It is Easy to install.


HDPE Pipe Resistant to weather conditions

* HDPE Pipe High resistance to tearing and pressure

* HDPE Pipe Despite high resistance to stress cracking


We Have Got Full Certifications for All Our YD HDPE Pipe, Send Your Inquiry NOW

YD HDPE Pipe Manufacturer

Our Factory is Located in Shaoxin City. It’s About Two Hours to HangZhou By Car.
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hdpe pipe manufacturers
hdpe pipe manufacturers
hdpe pipe manufacturers

Why YD HDPE Pipe?


Different Customers Highly Appreciate YD Tubing Because of Its Durability and Flexibility. There are Many Manufacturers Who Produce HDPE Pipe As It is The Popular Choice of Consumers.

Instead of Copper and CPVC Piping, HDPE Pipe Manufacturer Characteristic Makes It Outstanding in Many Conditions. Either Hot or Cold Water Uses, HDPE Pipe Manufacturer is More Resistant From Any forms of Temperatures and Even Fracture. Our HDPE Pipe Can Withstand Pressures and Extreme Temperatures.


YD One of Your Leading HDPE Pipe Manufacturers

When Manufacturing HDPE Pipe, Our Well-Trained Engineers and Designer Choose The Best Raw Materials Fitted for Your Needs.

Most Especially If You Need HDPE Pipe for Some Special Projects. Otherwise, If You Need HDPE Pipe Manufacturer for Brand or Business Purposes, We Can Fully Support You. for Logo and Some Details Imprinting, We Can Emboss Through Laser.

You Can Select The Entire Structure According to Your Requirements. YD Can Provide Professional After-Sales Support With Your Customization.

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hdpe pipe manufacturers

hdpe pipe manufacturers

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YD: Your Premier HDPE Pipe manufacturer in China

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YD HDPE Pipe is Designed and Constructed By Our Skilled and Knowledgeable Team. They are in-Charge With The Whole Production Process Yet They Will Work Close Enough With You. in order to Make Sure The Product is Appropriate With Your Design/ Idea.

hdpe pipe manufacturer certifications

This HDPE Pipe Manufacturer is Certificated for A Quality System, Safety and Environmentally Protected. It Meets CE, WRAS, and ACS Standards. You Can Guarantee The Product is 100% Trustworthy and Reliable.

Hdpe pipe manufacturers

During HDPE Pipe Manufacturer’s Production, Our Designer and Engineers Manufacture Products, Close to Details. in order to Deliver Only The Best Value Products, Our QC Department Strictly Performs Testing to Quality Check All Products. in The Whole Production Process, We Have A Responsible Team of Staffs That are in-Charge With It. Gathered Around 300 Employees, YD Can Fully Provide You innovative and Upgrade HDPE Pipe.

hdpe pipe manufacturers

YD as One of The Leading HDPE Pipe Manufacturers in China, You Can Have The Professional Support for Your Project. Over 20 Years of Specializing in HDPE Pipe Production, We Gain Customers Trust and Satisfaction. for The Start, Our Objective is to Fulfill Customers’ Challenges By The Product We Sent Them. With Our New, High-Tech Machines, We Adhere to Deliver The Best HDPE Pipe. We are Always Looking forward to Building A Long-Lasting Relationship With Our Clients.

YD HDPE Pipe Manufacturer Rigidity, Flexibility, and High Performances Surely Held Your Business into A Better Place. With YD, You Can Save Cost, Efforts and Time At One Moment. Fully Certificated HDPE Pipe Surely Gives Your Project An Ideal Product to Stand Out With. We Can Deliver orders Within 35 Days. You Can Look forward to Products On The Date You Expect It.

If You are interested and You Need More info, Please Feel Free to Contact Us today!




FQA Know more about YD HDPE pipe


How do you connect HDPE pipe to HDPE pipe?

Is it a pipe made by a single supplier or by multiple suppliers? Who are you outsourcing to? Are there any special connectors for HDPE pipe to accommodate the different pipe diameters of materials? Can you use a different connector on the pipe for different types of pipe material? Why do you place the wire in different places to allow the connector to accommodate different types of pipe?


Can HDPE be glued?

Yes, although it is recommended to try a different form of plastic, such as Teflon, for this part of the process. For a high quality result, use high quality epoxy glue. Is HDPE pipe reusable? No. With plastic pipe’s propensity to disintegrate, HDPE’s plasticity means it’s easier just to throw it away.

What are the advantages of HDPE?

How fast can it work? One type of HDPE is a “polyvinyl alcohol” or PVA type. It has a melting point of about 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Its main disadvantage is that this type of plastic is very hard to work with (at least it is if the parts are made on the spot by some sort of plastic mill).

How many types of HDPE pipe are there?

A large amount is made from a common polyethylene material, such as polyamide, but what’s even more common is polystyrene, which is made from Styrofoam. Although you’d never know from the labels on your HDPE pipe, all of these types of pipes are made in the same factory, and in the same batch of plastic, which means they vary.

hdpe pipe suppliers

Is HDPE the same as PVC?

What are the limitations and limitations of the HDPE pipe system? The primary limitation of a pipeline is that the pipe must support the weight of the container which has a weight of up to 20kg (44 lbs) for HDPE pipe to be able to support the weight required (up to 5lbs) for an infuser and the weight of the pipe.

How is HDPE pipe connected?

What are the main components of HDPE pipe components? What are some potential difficulties that a pipe might present to the user? What are the advantages of HDPE pipe over other high-performance material pipe options like polyethylene, thermoplastic fiber or carbon fibre? What is an environmental assessment and what are some advantages of a HDPE pipe construction?

hdpe pipe manufacturer machine

What is HDPE pipe specifications?

The HDPE pipe (a polymer material) should be made from 50, 60 or 70% low-content polyethylene (PE) while having a high viscosity content, making it suitable for piping for water treatment, sewage treatment and sewage removal. It should be available from two vendors, one in the country and a second in the country.

Is HDPE pipe safe for drinking water?

We don’t believe it’s safe for drinking water to be made using PVC or HDPE pipework, unless there is a reason to believe the pipe is less hazardous and safer for drinking water delivery. So, please understand that any product used for piping or pipe fittings for drinking water has to pass strict health regulations and tests for safety and quality.

hdpe pipe manufacturers

Which is stronger PVC or HDPE?

Both PVC and HDPE are tough, but most PVC’s have a higher melting temperature and are easier to work with when working on wood or construction. You can be safe by not mixing them together unless you work on a piece that is sensitive like the woodwork or building it in large quantities. You can purchase HDPE for any job that requires a strong foam.

Is HDPE plastic safe?

This is a more complex issue that will require more research. In short, most plastics are not entirely safe to handle in their raw form. The type of plastic and its weight are often factors, as is the specific strength of the plastic. Some plastics have strong plastics in them, while other plastics have weak plastics in them; the difference may affect the surface properties.

Is HDPE pipe cheaper than PVC?

According to EPA , the cost of a pipe with HDPE material costs $8–$10 per metric ton, compared to $10–$13 per metric ton of PVC, depending on the material and method used. A pipe containing the same amount of HDPE material with PPE can be produced for as much as $10–$14 per metric ton.

What color is HDPE pipe?

(the more the better)- If you are going to use this material on the pipe side, you want to buy it yellow because it will blend in better with the pipe and will not affect colors. White looks fine but will look like a brownish blue color when blended in.The green and yellow should both last between 4-6 months.

hdpe pipe suppliers

How long does it take to fuse HDPE pipe?

The most common method of manufacturing HDPE pipe is by using vacuum to extract the HDPE through the resin while the plastic is still solid or in liquid form. The solid materials can be used for another purpose if a small diameter pipe was used. Injection molding is another method of manufacturing HDPE pipes, but it is more costly and involves more steps.

Can HDPE be welded?

Only if the material is already strong (and the part can handle it) in its own right. Can I use HDPE in my part? If you want to use HDPE in a part that is specifically part-shaped, you have to put the HDPE before the material where it will be required to support the curvature of the part.

Can HDPE be thermoformed?

HDPE is considered a polymeric, which means that the polymers are “molded” by the manufacturing process. The polymer can then be removed from the HDPE by using a microfiber filter, or a UV lamp, or even a UV light can be used to vaporise the polyesters (depending on the polymer used). Can HDPE be made from wood?

How do you clean HDPE pipe?

To clean a HDPE pipe, follow these basic steps: 1. To remove the coating, gently press the membrane into the vacuum sealer (about 1/2 inch on each side). If the membrane still sticks to the sealer, you will need a larger vacuum cleaner.3. Don’t forget to clean the membrane after this.

Can HDPE pipe be used above ground?

The answer is yes, but with a few caveats. The use of the HDPE material must be confined to underground pipe construction. Pipes have to be treated so they do not have to touch the ground. In addition, when designing a pipe, HDPE can be used with an electric field that prevents the wire coming in contact with the soil.

What is the weight of HDPE?

Plastic can weigh up to 1,400 g per kilogram. An average plastic HDPE pipeline weight of 2,000 g would be a weight of 1,000 tons. To convert the weight of a pipe to pounds it takes 2,000 pounds of plastic, equivalent to 5,000 tons to transport a ton of HDPE for one year.

Why HDPE pipes are preferred?

There are multiple advantages which make using HDPE pipes in this application preferable. One of the main design considerations in using HDPE is the fact that it is designed to retain its strength over time. An HDPE pipe cannot be melted or crushed into a brittle metal. HDPE pipes also can be sealed against moisture. This reduces moisture penetration and increases heat resistance.

Is HDPE flammable?

Yes. Plastic debris, which is made up of thousands of tiny, microscopic fragments, often comes in contact with water. The microplastics get stuck in pipes and create a slick, sticky, and potentially toxic environment. They also tend to stick to the plastic fibers, making the material harder to remove and harder to recycle than other plastic products.

Is code for HDPE pipe for water supply?

Yes – in a laboratory. Is HDPE good for fish? Yes, but I do not have one in my house right now. Does HDPE cause toxic to humans? Yes. However, its toxicity comes from the chemicals themselves. This toxicity is reduced by being dissolved in water, which is safe for humans. However.

Is HDPE harmful to humans?

In recent studies people with the gene for CEPH are being given more and more pills to prevent it, and one might speculate that the reason is that the pill has turned into a powerful “toxin”. However, it is also very clear that taking HDPE does not affect an individual’s normal metabolism, so it is hardly likely to have made them become sick.

Is HDPE safe to melt?

HDPE plastics have no toxic contents. Many of them and their main compounds are non-toxic. But there is no chemical known to cause cancer in humans. Even if HDPE plastics contain chemicals, the amount is low to moderate enough that it is unlikely to result in health problems in an average adult. Some harmful effects may occur in people with certain genetic disorders.

How long does HDPE plastic last?

Some common uses for HDPE include: Athlete’s gloves and sports gear which are frequently made from PE For insulation in the summer heat, including the use of foam in insulation For water-resistant coating of products as a coating coating on plastic, for waterproofing to reduce rain/snow damage, and for environmental cleaning What is PE 80?

What is PE 80 in HDPE pipe?

Is PE 80 different than PE 60? I do NOT know the answer. PE 60 is the standard PE 60 for HDPE piping. It has a longer pipe and uses the PE 80 coating (it’s the same, but that coating is more expensive). PE 60 has a smaller pipe size and uses the PE 80 coating.

PE 80 is a polyester-polyurethane (PSA) additive used for a wide range of industrial and consumer products. Is PE 80 being used to replace PLA (polylactic acid) or ABS plastic in the future? What are the advantages and disadvantages for users? No significant advantages and some minor disadvantages for users.

How is HDPE pipe made?

The first thing you need to know is that for pipe, there are many kinds of pipe. PE 100 HDPE is one of more famous forms of pipe. PE 100 HDPE can be produced in different types of pipes known as PE 100 and PE 100 XL. For example, PE 100 XLD is the first form of HDPE pipe.

hdpe pipe manufacturers

What is PE 100 HDPE pipe?

A 100% recyclable 100 percent recycled HDPE pipe. HDPE pipe is considered a recyclable material, meaning it can be recycled indefinitely. Is a pipe made of 100% recycled HDPE 100% recyclable? The 100% recycled material includes the membrane, coating, walls as well as the end treatment process.

What is the difference between Mdpe and HDPE?

Is there a particular size required for my pipeline? Which will I have to replace in the future? There are multiple choices I can make; my choice is a 6-1/8″ to 7-1/8″ pipe, depending upon the size of the pipe and the type of pipe.

What is the difference between SDR 11 and SDR 17?

SDR 11 is the newest version of the SDR. SDR 17 is the version that will be supported by most commercial broadcasters. Which version of SDR is best for me? SDR 11 is great if you already have a SDR and just need to listen to some tunes and listen for a while. SDR 17 is great if you want to use.

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