Ice maker water hammer arrestor

Water hammer is a very common phenomenon in homes that have high-pressure water flowing through the pipes.

When you suddenly cose the valve the causes shock waves that lead to a banging sound.

This is what is referred to as water hammer.

This problem can easily be fixed by water hammer arrestors dealing with refrigerators is often much simpler and easier.

Ice maker water hammer arrestor

YUNDA manufacturers deal with the production of ice maker water hammer arrestors and export them to a number of countries around the globe with the United States providing the largest market.

We design high-grade ice maker water hammer arrestors that function optimally and prevents the banging sound of the pipes.

We sell both as wholesale and retail.

We ensure that those making orders from other countries get their shipment on time.

Ice Maker Water Hammer Arrestor


Why we are considered the best manufacturers of ice maker water hammer arrestors.

Our products are trusted and valued by our clients since our initialization in 1999 we have been the leading manufacturers of angle valves.

We have strived to maintain our position in the market and now our company.

YUNDA is a household name throughout the world.

Below are the reasons why we are most trusted.


We produce high-grade ice maker water hammer arrestors.

We have skilled manpower coupled with state of the art tools and equipment to produce high-quality ice maker water hammer arrestors with every part strictly inspected and crafted to make sure it performs all the required functions.

Our supervisors have the knowledge and credentials needed to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

We don’t compromise on quality.

and that’s why every ice maker water hammer arrestor undergoes very strict inspection before it’s ready for sale.

Yunda multi-turn angle valve labortory


Our products are durable.

We use the best raw materials to come up with durable ice maker water hammer arrestor angle valves.

The two raw materials are high-grade lead brass and lead-free brass.

Different brass quantities are used to manufacturer different angle valves so as to cover a wider market.

YUNDA manufactures ice maker water hammer arrestor angle valves that last longer without any problems.

This is the main reason why we get so any recommendations and positive reviews from clients.

we also have a good history of returning clients because they trust our products.

Our main objective is to make sure that every client is satisfied fully.


We produce fully functional angle valves.

Before any ice maker water hammer resistor angle valves leaves the factory.

we test and verify it to make sure it functions fully.

No client has ever complained of our product since we put in extra effort to ensure every ice maker water hammer resistor angle valve does what it’s supposed to do and gives the required results and performance.

Our clients get exactly what they order, and this makes them loyal.


We are highly experienced.

For ten years we have been working towards correcting every single mistake and overcoming any challenges that might compromise our angle valves in the future.

We have gained enough experience in the arena.

This combined with our unmatched skills have catapulted us further it has placed us on top of every other company making us the world leading angle valve manufactures.

Each of our clients can fully back up our claims and testify that our products are the best.

We have also successfully obtained QC certification for quality management systems.

European market and North America allowing us to ship them to different regions and countries.



Great packaging

We put enough emphasis on the packaging of the products before they are shipped off to their final destination.

This is meant to keep the angle valves safe during the transportation process.

the same way they left the factory is the same way they will get to the client.

Our packaging system aims at minimizing damages during the transportation of the product.


With the above facts, it can be clearly noted that YUNDA is a factory dedicated to providing high standard, fully functional, durable and well-packaged ice maker water hammer angle valves to its clients.


Our years of experience have enabled us to have intense knowledge making us the best angle valve manufacturers. Contact Us!

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