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Chrome Plated. Light Weight. Small In Size
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Water Quality, Long Service Life
  • High Thermal Efficiency,etc


YUNDA Mini Ball Valve

YD Wholesale Mini Ball Valve is A Flow Valves Which are Used to Shut, Restrict or Control off Liquids and Gases In A Line System.

YD Mini Ball Valve is A Quarter-Turn Type Valve For Floating Ball Uses In order to Control The Flow.

We Have Wide Range of Mini Ball Valve Stock In Our Factory For Agricultural and Construction, Marine and offshore, Fire Protection, Process Industry and Oil & Gas.

Mini Ball Valve

Brass Mini Ball Valve

Mini Ball Valve

Brass Mini Ball Valve

Mini Ball Valve

Brass Mini Ball Valve

Mini Ball Valve

Brass Mini Ball Valve

Full Certification On All Mini Ball Valve

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YUNDA Brass Mini Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

YD Mini Ball Valve is able to Work At 0-90°C of Temperature, Maximum Working Pressure is 16 Bar Which Body is Forged Brass.

YD Manufactures Chrome Plated Brass Mini Ball Valve With Hexagonal Body. YD Mini Ball Valves are Enable to Close The Pneumatic Circuit and In Line Opening.

This Mini Ball Valve is Polymer Lightweight Which Allows Big Reduction of Installation Time. However, It Still offering Compact Dimension and Full Flow Capability.


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At Our Manufacturer in YD We Develop and Produce Control Mini Ball Valve That We Deliver with Built-on Accessories Ready for Use. All Customers' Needs Are Always at Heart of What We Do.
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    Factory Address: Qinggang Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Zhejiang, China.

Mini Ball Valve, Brass Mini Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

YD Mini Ball Valve Comes With 3-Way Brass Ball With Nickel Plated. It is Light Weight and Small In Size. Thus, It is Good With A Cylinder Steel Base.

All YD Mini Ball Valve is Undergone With Advanced Technology of Anti-Corrosion. Our Range of Mini Ball Valve is able to Adapt The Broad Scope of High Temperature Resistant, Water Quality, Long Service Life, High Thermal Efficiency, Etc.

Moreover, YD Mini Ball Valve is Also Used For office Buildings Including Hotel, Residential, School and Many Others.

YD Mini Ball Valve is Optimized By Brass Materials and Heat Resistant to Corrosion Cold Crack. Because of It, The Performance of The Valve is Greatly Improved. We Have Smooth Switch Valve and The Adjustment Screw is Reasonable Design. All YD Mini Ball Valve is Durable and Retains Its Quality.

YD Mini Ball Valves is Made Up of Steel, Stainless Steel and Other Quality Materials. At YD, We are able to Provide Wide Range of Mini Ball Valve to Our Customer. YD Mini Ball Valve is Commonly Connected to Compression Type or Threaded Type.

YD Produces Wholesale Mini Ball Valve Which are Straight-Through Type Full Bore Ball Valves. It Will Rotate 90° Opened or Closed.

YD Mini Ball Valve is offered Into Two Basic Structures. The Metal Seal Type and Soft Seal Type. It Can Ensure Non-Leakage. However, It Can Control The Fluids Such As Gas, Oil, Water and So On.

YD Factory Provides OEM and ODM Services and Products In Accordance to Customer Requirements and International Standard.

Our Company Have R & D Abilities Strengthen Our Product Performance and Quality In Accordance to Our Customer’S Demand.

Moreover, YD Company Can Produce Big Size Ball Valves. We Have 20 Years of Experience In Manufacturing Ball Valve In China.

In Fact, YD Obtained International Certificate Such As isO 9001, API 6D, API 6FA, API 607, CE and Many Certificate Approvals. Thus, We Ensure and Guarantee That All Products In YD Company are All Safe.

As A Professional Mini Ball Valve Manufacturing Factory, We Can Provide Quality, Dependable and Competitive Price of Mini Ball Valve to Our Valued Customers.

We are Capable On Reaching The Requirements of Our Customer With Outstanding Ability. We are Looking Forward to Work With You As Your Long-Term Business Partner.

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YUNDA Mini Ball Valve is A Chrome Plated Brass Bodied 2-Way Ball Valve With An Aluminum Lever. It Features BSP Female Threaded Ends, PTFE Seat, NBR O-Ring Gland, 0-16 Bar Pressure Range And Maximum Temperature‎ 0°C To 80°C.

Mini Ball Valve

YUNDA Has An Ideal Mini Ball Valve For Line Isolation, Gauge Cocks, And Other Manual Operations. The Low Torque Allows For Easy Operation.

YUNDA Mini Ball Valve Is Used In Applications Where Space Is Limited. These Fittings are Intended For General Purpose Applications And In Fully Open Or Closed Positions.

Throttling Of These Mini Ball Valves, Depending On The Conditions Involved, May Cause Premature Failure Or Cause The Handles To Stick.

They Are Used In Manufacturing Plant Plumbing That Requires Total Shutoff. Used In Air And Water Lines To And From Capital Equipment.

Every YUNDA Mini Ball Valve Must Pass Through A Six-Step QC Process Before Delivery.

Mini Ball valve QA/QC system

Our Mini Ball Valve Quality Control Process Includes Material Control, Machining Quality Control, Incoming Material Inspection, Assembly Line Quality Control, Leakage Testing And Final Inspection Before Delivery.

yunda mini angle valve testing
Pressure Test

YUNDA Mini Ball Valve Must Pass 100% Leakage Test.

We Follow Strict Quality Management During Mini Ball Valve Fabrication, To Guarantee Quality And Competitive Price, Besides On-Time Delivery.

two years wallanty

YUNDA Has Rich Experience, Complete R&D Facility, And An Excellent Team To Meet The Needs Of Over 100 Projects We Have Annually.

Yunda 2 in 1 angle valve Design Team

All YUNDA Mini Ball Valves Are Suitable For Automated Assembly Machinery, Robotics, Packaging Machinery, Food Processing, Semiconductor, Printing, Pulp & Paper, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Bottling, Dairy, Amusement Parks Or Any Facility That Uses Air To Perform A Task.

Perfect Design, High Quality, Competitive Price, And Good Service Are The Promises Our Company Makes To Clients. If You Are Looking For A Good Mini-Ball Valves Manufacturer And Supplier, Please Send Us An Instant inquiry Now.

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YUNDA Will Be Your Best Reliable Mini Ball Valves (Or Miniature Ball Valves) Manufacturer Partner In China.

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