One of Leading Pex A Tubing Manufacturers in China
  • Hot and Cold Water Plumbing Open-loop Hydronic Heating Systems
  • Closed-loop Hydronic, Radiant Floor Heating and Snow Melting Systems

Pex A Tubing

As One of PEX A Tubing Manufacturers, YD PEX A Tubing Useful for The Hot and Cold Water Plumbing System. it has The Highest Cross-Linking Degree.

Although PEX A Tubing Quite Similar to The Other PEX Type Yet it has Possessed Features That Outstand From The Rest.

This PEX A Tubing Holds The Most Flexibility. it Allows Being Fastened With A Cold Expansion That Enables The End of The Fluted Prior to inserting The Fitting.

Also, PEX A Tubing has Greater Resistance Among Others.

YD Pex A Tubing

We Have Got Full Certifications For All Our Pex A Tubing, Send Your Inquiry NOW

YD One of Pex A Tubing Manufacturers

Our Factory is Located in Ningbo City. It’s About Two Hours to HangZhou By Car.
pex a tubing manufacturers
pex a tubing manufacturers
pex a tubing manufacturers
pex a tubing manufacturers

YD One of Leading PEX A Tubing Manufacturers

YD PEX A Tubing is Pressure-Resistant and Oxidant Resistant. Maximum Temperatures of Bursting and Other Pressures, This PEX A Tubing Can Withstand.

Thus, Because PEX A Tubing is Made of Polyethylene Means it is Corrosive Resistant and Also Chlorine-Free.

All Our PEX A Tubing Meets The industry Standards and has The Rigidity to Execute Well in Plumbing Purposes, Potable Water.


YD is One of Leading Pex A Tubing Manufacturers

As One of PEX A Tubing Manufacturers, YD PEX A Tubing is Manufactured Through Our New Technologically State of the Art System.

The PEX A Tubing Undergo Through Different Production Process Which Makes it Smoothly, Excellently Constructed. All Throughout The Process, There is An Efficient Team of Staff That Are in-Charge to Handle Your orders.

From The Production, Assembling, Packing, to Shipping Your Request, There Are Professional Staffs That are Capable to Give The Best for Your Requirements.

Pex tubing Certifications pex tubing types

pex a tubing manufacturers

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YD, One of Pex A Tubing Manufacturers in China

Our PEX A Tubing is Guaranteed to Be Safe to Use and Eco-Friendly. Also, With Our Quality Management System, Certified to ISO 9001:2008, We Adhere to Produce The Highest Quality Standard Product.

pex pipe manufacturers

Our Professional Designer and Engineering Team Have The Ability and Solid Background to Manufacture The innovative, Upgraded and Best PEX A Tubing Products.

Our PEX A Tubing has A Lot of Advantageous Features and Quality That Make it Unique and Highly Required in Various Plumbing Applications.

pex a tubing manufacturers

YD PEX A Tubing Uniqueness, Cost-Effectiveness, and Great Flexibility Make it The Better Component to install in Applicable Methods.

Whether You Want PEX A Tubing to Improve Your Business Profitability or to Fulfill Your Project Effectively, YD has The Perfect Solution.

pex a tubing manufactures

We are Engaged to Meet individual Client orders. Because, Based on Your Requirements, We Design and Manufacture A Product. Also, Our Production Adheres to the Main international Test.

PEX A Tubing offered By Us is Developed Using The Finest Quality Raw Materials. its Durability and Adaptability Make it Easier to Attach Than The Rest.

pex a tubing manufacturers packing

Also, its High Impact Resistance and Long-Lasting Design Make it Usable for The Long-Term. Our PEX A Tubing Comes in A Range of Sizes, Therefore, You Can Select The Accurate Dimensions for Your Project. Our PEX A Tubing is 100% Hydrostatic and Functional. With That, You Can Guarantee Your Business Boost in The Market or Your Project Will Be Successful.

pex a tubing manufactures products

in YD, You Can Rely Upon All Your Fitting and Tubing Challenges. About 20 Years of Experience in Tubing Production, YD has Rich Knowledge and Expertise in The Field. However, We Actively Develop innovative PEX A Tubing to Meet and Exceed Your Desired.


For Your orders, Please Feel Free to Contact Us Via Email or Call. We Have 12 Hours of Customers-Friendly Service to Accept Your Request.

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