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Terminator of Brass Press Fittings

  • 100% Lead Free
  • Over 55% Cost Saving
  • 100% Resistance Corrosion
  • 100% Potable Water Neutrality

PPSU Pex Press Fittings

YD PPSU Pex Press Fittings are Designed And Crafted to Modern Processing Technology.

Highly Durable And Resistant to Contaminating Elements These Fittings are. The YD PPSU Pex Press Fittings Has Long-Lasting Free From Failure Operations.

With This High-Quality PPSU Pex Press Fittings, Most Polypropylene Piping Systems Engineers And installers.

  • Patented Design PPSU fitting, with EPDM O-Rings and 304 SS Sleeves.
  • Compatible with Multilayer Pipes and Polyethylene Pex & PE-RT Pipes Connection.
  • Compatible with Several Jaw Profiles, Such as U, TH and RF for fittings From 16 MM to 32 MM.


YD Pex Press Fittings

We Have Got Full Certifications For All Our Pex Press Fittings, Send Your Inquiry

YD Pex Press Fittings Manufacturer

Our Factory is Located in Ningbo City. It’s About Two Hours to HangZhou By Car.
pex press fittings
pex press fittings
pex press fittings
pex press fittings

PPSU Pex press Fittings

PPSU  (polyphenylsulfone)

PPSU Recognized As A High-Performance Thermoplastic Material That Has Excellent Mechanical, Chemical and Thermal Properties Which Provide Dimensional Stability In Demanding Applications, Including Areas of High Stress, Heat, And Moisture.


pex press fittings

YD PPSU Pex Press Fittings Are Made Of High-Performance Polymers For Plumbing & Heating & Cooling And Sanitary System,

Even Better Than Metal In Matters Of Corrosion Resistance, Scale Deposit, Biofilm Adhesion, Heavy Metals Contamination, Thermal Insulation, Eco-Friendly And Cost Saving, Is The Ideally Solution For Contractor And Designer


YD is One of Leading PPSU Pex Press Fittings Manufacturers

Additionally, Our PPSU Pex Press Fittings Has Long-Term Durable And Highly Lightweight.

This Makes It Trustworthy Use for Any High Temperature And Stress Conditions.

It Is Highly Resistant to Mechanical, Water Drinking System Thus It Is Ultimately LEAD-Free Component. This Fitting Features A Special Collar Which Makes It Useful to Place to TH Contour Jaws in The Right area.

  • Applications: Potable Water, Sanitary and Heating
  • Certifications: EN-ISO 21003, EN-ISO 22391, EN-ISO 15875.
  • Leakage Check Before Pressing and Eco-friendly

ppsu pex press fittings ppsu pex press fittings ppsu pex press fittings ppsu pex press fittings ppsu pex press fittings

PPSU Pex press fittings PPSU Pex press fittings PPSU Pex press fittings PPSU Pex press fittings PPSU Pex press fittings PPSU Pex press fittings

In case of YD Press LBP fittings there’s no need for bevelling pipe edges.
For bigger diameters (25 mm and above) to facilitate pipe insertion into the fitting it is recommended to use the calibration tool.
Press connections should be performed at temperatures above 0°C. Before start, check tool manuals and safety conditions.There is possibility of performing Press connections at temperatures below 0°C under additional conditions given in YD System Designers and Contractors guide.

PPSU Pex press fittings

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YD is One of Leading PPSU Pex Press fittings Manufacturers in China


pex press fittings manufacturer

YD PPSU Pex Press Fittings Has Been Confirmed to Numerous Examinations And industry Certifications. When Designing for The Product We Make Sure The Production is Based On The Main international Standards.

PPSU Pex press fittings

In The European Market, We Provide Certifications Such As CE, WRAS, and ACS. Through Supporting individual Client’s Requirements, We Can Provide An Ultimate Solution for Every Challenge. Whether You Have A Fitting Business or You Need for Personal Projects, YD has Always a Solution for You.

ppsu pex press fittings

13 pcs Injection Machines

YD PPSU Pex Press Fittings are Manufactured Through High Performance, Impact-Resistant PPSU.

The Rigid Structure Makes It Preferable to Use for The Drinking Water System. It Is 100% Water-Resistant, Thermal Resistant And Safe.

This Fitting Has A Maximum Working Temperature of 99 Degree Celsius And Has A Maximum Working Pressure of 1034 KPa. The PPSU Plastic Press Fittings are Suitable Either With Hot or Cold Water.

  • High Mechanical Strength;
  • Higher Temperature Operation;
  • Higher Durability Than Pipes


ppsu pex press fittings

Our PPSU Pex Press Fittings are offered in A Qualitative Range. From 16-32 Mm, There Is An Option for You. These Fittings are Processed Through Our Advanced Machinery.

PPSU pex press fittings

Under The Supervision of Our Designing And Engineering Team, We are Able to And Upgrade Products into The Market Standards. Our Employee Rich Background and Knowledge We are Dedicated to offering The Best Solution for Our Customers.


PPSU Pex Press Fittings From YD Can Be Custom-Made Based On Your Particular Requirements. We Can Also Imprint The Logo into The Product S.S.304 Connector. In YD, We Continuously Produce and Supply innovative, Enhance Products.

PPSU Pex press fittings

PPSU Body,SS304 Sleeve and EPDM Orings

In Every order, We Provide Professional Technical Assistance. We insert Full Efforts to Design And Develop High-Quality Standard Fittings Especially Plastic PPSU Pex Press Fittings. All Our Staff And Workers Have Expertise in Their area of Responsibility. Generally, YD Can Fully Support With Your Purchasing And Can Be Your Long-Term Partner.

ppsu plastic press fittings

PPSU Plastic press fittings

You Can Attain YD PPSU Pex Press Fittings At The Average Cost. As One of The Leading PPSU Plastic Press Fitting Manufacturer, We are 100% Engaged to Produce Hydrostatically And Effective Fittings Products. for Over 3 Years’ in The Press fittings Industry Field, We Provide The Best or Should I Say Excellent Services for You.

ppsu pex press fittings

Gathered 50 Employees That are Expert in Their area, YD Satisfies Different Customers’ Requirements. Another Thing, YD Strictly Adheres to The ISO9001 Quality Management System.

PPSU Pex press fittings

Hydraulic Testing Machines

PPSU Pex press fittings

Strain Relief Testing
With Efficiently Tensile Force, PEX-Al-PEX Pipe broken Under 295kgs Pulling. The Fitting is Still in Perfect Condition.


Therefore, You Can Guarantee The Highest Quality of PPSU Pex Press Fitting Products to Support Your Business Growth.

ppsu pex press fittings

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PPSU Pex press fittings

PPSU Pex press fittings

ppsu pex press fittings

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ppsu pex press fittings Manufacturer

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