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Pex A Tubing, Pex B Tubing, Pex C Tubing
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  • Potable Water Applications & Lead-Free

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YD Pex Tubing Manufacturer

YD Pex Tubing Manufacturer

YD PEX Tubing is Designed to Be One of The Best Materials Used for The Residential And Commercial Plumbing System.

Also Applicable to Reclaimed Water Projects And Hydronic Heating. It is Highly Flexible And Freezes Resistant, Plus This is Also LEAD-Free.

Our PEX Tubing is Available in Different Types Such As PEX-A, PEX-B, And PEX-C. The PEX Tubing offered By Us is Very Cost-Effective And It is Easy to install.

Full Certification On All Pex Tubing

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YD One of Pex Tubing Manufacturers

YD Pex Tubing Manufacturers

Different Customers Highly Appreciate YD Tubing Because of Its Durability And Flexibility.

There are Many Manufacturers Who Produce PEX Tubing As It is The Popular Choice of Consumers. instead of Copper And CPVC Piping, PEX Tubing Characteristic Makes It Outstanding in Many Conditions. Either Hot Or Cold Water Uses,

PEX Tubing is More Resistant From Any forms of Temperatures And Even Fracture. Our PEX Tubing Can Withstand Pressures And Extreme Temperatures. 

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At Our Manufacturer in YD We Develop and Produce Control Plumbing Pex Tubing That We Deliver with Built-on Accessories Ready for Use. All Customers' Needs Are Always at Heart of What We Do.
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    Factory Address: Qinggang Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Zhejiang, China.

YD PEX Tubing Manufacturer

When Manufacturing PEX Tubing, Our Well-Trained Engineers and Designer Choose The Best Raw Materials Fitted for Your Needs. Most Especially If You Need PEX Tubing for Some Special Projects. Otherwise, If You Need PEX Tubing for Brand or Business Purposes, We Can Fully Support You.


For Logo And Some Details Imprinting, We Can Emboss Through Laser. You Can Select The Entire Structure According to Your Requirements. YD Can Provide Professional After-Sales Support With Your Customization. 

Our PEX Tubing is Designed And Constructed By Our Skilled And Knowledgeable Team. They are in-Charge With The Whole Production Process Yet They Will Work Close Enough With You.

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In Order to Make Sure The Product is Appropriate With Your Design/ Idea. This PEX Tubing is Certificated for A Quality System, Safety And Environmentally Protected. It Meets CE, WRAS, And ACS Standards. You Can Guarantee The Product is 100% Trustworthy And Reliable. 

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During PEX Tubing Production, Our Designer And Engineers Manufacture Products, Close to Details. in Order to Deliver Only The Best Value Products, Our QC Department Strictly Performs Testing to Quality Check All Products.

In The Whole Production Process, We Have A Responsible Team of Staffs That are in-Charge With It. Gathered Around 300 Employees, YD Can Fully Provide You innovative And Upgrade PEX Tubing. 

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YD as One of The Leading PEX Tubing Manufacturer in China, You Can Have The Professional Support for Your Project. Over 19 Years of Specializing in PEX Tubing Production, We Gain Customers Trust And Satisfaction.

For The Start, Our Objective is to Fulfill Customers’ Challenges By The Product We Sent Them. With Our New, High-Tech Machines, We Adhere to Deliver The Best PEX Tubing. We are Always Looking forward to Building A Long-Lasting Relationship With Our Clients. 

YD PEX Tubing Rigidity, Flexibility, And High Performances Surely Held Your Business into A Better Place. With YD, You Can Save Cost, Efforts And Time At One Moment. Fully Certificated PEX Tubing Surely Gives Your Project An Ideal Product to Stand Out With.

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We Can Deliver Orders Within 35 Days. You Can Look forward to Products On The Date You Expect It. 

If You are interested And You Need More info, Please Feel Free to Contact Us today! 

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