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PPSU Fittings

YD Manufacturer is One of the First Chinese Manufacturers Of Pipes And PPSU Fittings, Which Has Developed, Implemented & Applied till Today Processing Technology of Modern, Highly Durable PPSU.

The High Quality of Elements and Resistance to the Ageing Processes Ensure The Long-Term Failure-Free Operation Of The Whole System and This Is Appreciated By Designers And Installers Of Polypropylene Piping Systems.

Due To Its Above-Average Material Properties PPSU Fittings is also Widely Used in Space Exploration.

  •  High-performance Plastic, Suitable for Drinking Water System
  • Water resistance and safety:
  • Zero migration of metal oxides to water.
  • Thermal resistance: withstand temperatures up to 170 oC.

YD PPSU Fittings

We Have Got Full Certifications For All Our PPSU Fittings, Send Your Inquiry NOW

YD PPSU Fittings Manufacturer

Our Factory is Located in Ningbo City. It’s About Two Hours to HangZhou By Car.
PPSU Plastic press fittings manufacturers
PPSU Plastic press fittings
PPSU Plastic press fittings manufacturer
PPSU Plastic press fittings
ppsu fittings
ppsu fittings
ppsu fittings
ppsu fittings
ppsu fittings
ppsu fittings

Why Our PPSU Fittings?

PPSU Fittings are Lightweight, Durable, Corrosion-free and Chlorine Resistance.

It is a Reliable Replacement for Copper Fittings and Brass fittings. The Material used by YD PPSU Fittings is Resistant to High Temperature and Stress Resistance.

YD PPSU Fittings is the Best Solution for Poor Physico-chemical Parameters of Water. Since They Have No Incrustation or Corrosion. YD PPSU fittings is Used in Space Exploration Because of its Above-average Material.


ppsu fittings testing

YD PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings Tension Test/PEX-A Pipe/DN20/YD Patent White Ring




YD is One of Leading PPSU Fittings Manufacturers

YD Manufactures PPSU Fittings Which is Highly Resistant to Mechanical, Neutrality Complete to Drinking Water and Has been Confirmed to NIH Certificates and Numerous Examinations.

By Using YD PPSU Fittings, It has Electrical Insulation of Installation and Very Good Sound. YD PPSU Fittings have Greater Thermal Resistance and Give Less Heat.

Our PPSU Fittings are Safety and Water Resistance. That’s Why it Suitable for Drinking Water Usage.

  • Constructed from High Temperature, Impact resistant Polyphenylsulfone(PPSU).
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 210ºF (99ºC) Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi (1034 kPa)
  • PPSU Fittings are Compatible with Domestic Hot and Cold Water as well as Hot and Cold Radiant Heating Applications.t Free Sample and 24/7 Online Professional Support

ppsu fittings


Dimensions (mm)
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YD PPSU Fittings Manufacturer

ppsu fittings


YD Offers PPSU Fittings in A Range of 16-32 Mm. Due to the Application of High-performance Polyphenylsulfone, Their Main Allure is the Attractive Price in the Production Process But not Affect the Outstanding Quality.

ppsu fittings elbow


YD PPSU Fittings is Designed to Achieve Long-term Durable.

YD Wholesale PPSU Fittings Will be Used in the Water System Potable Because It is Chemically Neutral. PPSU Fittings Featuring A Special Collar. Thus, It Helps to Place The Jaws of TH Contour in The Right Position.


ppsu fittings

If You Have A Fittings Business, You Can Always Rely On YD.

Here at YD offer PPSU Fittings Which is High Durability to Temperature and Pressure.

PPSU Fittings From YD is More Durable Than The Pipe.

YD PPSU Fittings Can Guarantee 50 Years of The Failure-Free Operating Period.

YD Manufacturer Has Been Engaged in Manufacturing Valve and Fittings for 3 Years. YD Has Over 55 Workers in Manufacturing. We Have A Complete Production Line. From Wool Production to Finished Product Processing. And Finally, to inspect The Quality of Our Finished Product. Each Link Has A Professional Staff to inspect And Supervise.

As A Leading PPSU Fittings Supplier, We Can Provide Thermal Resistant PPSU Fittings. It Can Withstand Up to 170 ºC of Temperature.

ppsu fittings certifications

It is incredibly Durable And Can Withstand A Strong Impact Without Fracturing.

YD is An Expert On Supplying PPSU Fittings Which is Widely Used in Air Conditioning, Firefighting, Water Supply, Cement, Mine Piping And Many Others.

YD Will Provide The Right PPSU Fittings and Best Service for You. We Produce All Kinds of PPSU Fittings in Accordance With Your ODM And OEM Requirements. Additionally, YD PPSU Fittings Has Strictly Adhered to ISO 9001 Procedure.

We Can Provide You The Highest Quality PPSU Fittings to Help You Grow On Your Business.

We Are Looking Forward to Working With You As Your Business Partner.


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Contact Us today For PPSU Fittings More Details.

ppsu fittings


YD PPSU Fittings-Protect the Earth

YD PPSU Fittings manufacturer

One of the Biggest Issue that We are Challenging these Years is Global Warming.People in the World Should Do Something. That’s not Only About Us, But Also for Our Children.

It’s Our Responsibility to Prevent The Dam- Ages to Our Environment. Protecting The Environment is One of the Main Concerns of  YD PPSU Fittings Manufacturer. We Has Been Making it’s Contribution By Producing The Products that Use the Least Amount of Energy.

In Addition, We Help this Procedure by Introducing the Advanced Heating & Cooling Systems.

YD PPSU Fittings in Brief

PPSU fittings manufacturer

YD Manufacturer is One Of Leading PEX Pipes and PPSU Fittings Made from Engineered Materials Production Since 1999.

ppsu fittings workshop


Production of High Quality PE-Xa Pipes Started after Extensive Initial Studies, and Became an Export Oriented Manufacturer and Works With It’s Distributors all Over the World.

YD PPSU Fittings-Range of Products

ppsu fittings full arrange products


YD Pipes are Produced In Different Pressure Ratings and for Different Needs. They Could Be Used Along With Most Of The High Quality PPSU Fittings in The Market, However, The Unique Properties of YD Pipes Has Made Them Capable to Be Used With The Specially Designed O&E Fittings.

YD PPSU Fittings-Quality Control (QC)

ppsu fitting quality control

QC Department is Responsible to Make Sure that The Production is According to Relevant Standards. The Pipes are Tested Under the Harsh Conditions to Ensure that They Last Long in The Projects. Constantly Measurement and Monitoring of The Cross-Linking Degree of The Pipes is Another Responsibility of The QC Engineers.

YD PPSU Fittings-Customer Satisfaction

Market Demand: YD is a Listener to The Needs of the Clients. It is A Part of YD Culture to Satisfy The Needs Of The Plumbers And Engineers By Producing The Most Practical Plumbing Solutions in The World.

On-Time Delivery: High Production Capacity and Computerized Delivery Systems Has Made The Deliveries in The Minimum Expected Time.

Technical Support: YD Technical Support Engineers are Always Available to Help The Plumbers and HVAC Engineers. In Necessary Cases, The Training Programs are Also Available On Site Or In YD Academy.

ppsu fittings customer satisfaction

Different Types of PEX Fittings

Different Types of PEX fittings

Crimp Fittings:Use Copper Rings and Tool With An Interchangeable Head for Specific Size Fittings. The Crimp System Provides an Cheap Way to Make A Secure Connection,Which Only Be Used With Standard PEX.   plastic pex crimp fittings

The Clamping Method is Popular Because The Clamp Connections are Easy to Make and The Heavy Duty Clamp Tool Is Reasonably Priced, Making It A Great Choice for Many Diyers. By The System, You Don’t Need To Clamp The Entire Fitting But Just Only Clamp The Tab, Which Allows To Use One Tool With One Size Head for All Connections.

For Different Size Connections By Only The Size of The Rings and PPSU Fittings Changes. The Expansion System Works With Expansion Rings and Expansion Fittings Made Specifically for This System.

Contractors Used this Connection System in The Most Common System. It Is Easiest To Use and Requires Less Manual Labor than The Other Tools. But This Expansion System Only Works With PEX-A   propex expansion fittings Press Fittings With Sleeves,You Will Need To Use Different Press Tools Correspond With The Size of Your Fittings and Tubing. This Tools Will Included in A Kit With All Sizes Or Be Purchased Seperatedly   pex press fittings

Shark Bite Will Likely Be Better Choice For Your Fitting System,If You Only Require A Few Connections Or Doing A Small Repair.

Because It Is Extremely Easy To Use As There Are No Tools Required. But It’S More Expensive Than The Other Fittings Systems

shark bite fittings


Works With a 3-Piece Compression Fitting By The Compression Method Without Tool. It’s Easy to Connect Your PEX Tubing to A Manifold By Compression Connections, Because The Connections Have Threaded Ends. compression connectors

Different Raw Material Types of PEX Fittings

Poly Fittings—-Fittings Are Manufactured From Reinforced PPCP,The Provide Excellent Chemical And Weather Resistance Polybutylene Plumbing Fittings–It Is A Gray Plastic Tubing That Was Commonly Used As Water-Supply Plumbing Pipe In The Years Between 1978 And 1995, At Which Time It Was Discontinued Due To Reports Of Pipes Rupturing And Causing Water Damage Brass Fittings,

Which Made From Brass Raw Material. Nylon Plastic Fittings–It Is Generally Acceptable For Working Pressures Up To 150 PSI By Normal Room Temperatures. At Very Low Pressures, Temperatures Can Approach 175°F With No Degradation Of The Fitting’S Strength.

Using fittings made of PPSU You receive:

PPSU Fitting,PPSU pex fittings,uponor ppsu,

As One Of The Leading Chinese Manufacturers Of PPSU Fittings, YD Manufacturer Has Developed, Implemented And Applied Till Today Processing Technology Of Modern, Highly Durable Polyphenylsulfone(PPSU).   PPSU material

It’s Appreciated By Designers and Installers Of Polypropylene Piping Systems, Because The High Quality Of Elements And Resistance To The Ageing Processes Ensure The Long-Term Failure-Free Operation Of The Whole System .

PPSU is Also Widely Used In Space Exploration Due To Its Above-Average Material Properties PPSU Is Wildly Used In Automotive, Aerospace, And Plumbing Applications Because It Is A Type Of High Performance Polymer That Is Resistant To Many Chemicals And High Temperatures.   PPSU applications YD PPSU Fittings are Made From PPSU Material, Including The Outstanding Impact, Heat, And Also Chemical Resistance,Too.

YD PPSU Fittings aslo Named Quick And Easy (Q&E), Which are Connected To Pex-A Pipes With A Special Method;

That Creates A Strong Connection That Will Last For Years By This Revolutionary Method PPSU Fittings Are More Durable Than The Same Pipes And Guarantee More Than 50 – Year Failure-Free Operating Period,Due to It’s Very High Durability to Pressure and Temperature.

installing pex fittings


Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) Is High-Quality Engineering Plastics That Retains Excellent Mechanical, Electrical And Thermal Properties During Extended Periods Of Time of High Temperatures And Loads. Compared to PPSU, This Plastic Is More Shock-Resistant, As Well As Hardened To Chemical Compounds And Hydrolysis.


Chemical Resistance To Dilute Acids, Alkaline Solutions, Lubricants, Fats, Gasoline And Alcohols; Perfect Electrical And Dielectric Characteristics; Resistance At Low Temperatures (Do Not Become Brittle); Resistance To Gamma And X-Rays;

Possibility Of Multiple Disinfection; Increased Resistance To Hot Water And Steam; Does Not Support Combustion; Mechanical Strength, Stiffness And Hardness Over Wide Range Of Temperatures.

Plastic Fittings Do Not Require Isolation From Corrosive Media During Installation, The System Can Be Stacked In The Ground; Have Practically Zero Electrical Conductivity And Are Not Subject To Electrochemical Corrosion; A Smooth Inner Surface Does Not Contribute To Formation Of Lime Deposits;

A System With PPSU Fittings Can Withstand Several Freezing Cycles; PPSU Fittings Have The Same Temperature Extension As The Polyethylene Pipe, Which Eliminates Internal Stress In The Connection Points During Operation; The Internal Diameter Of The Fittings Is Almost The Same As The Inner Diameter Of The Pipe, It Means There Is No Narrowing Of The Diameter On The Fitting.

PPSU market share

YD PPSU Fittings-Quick, Easy, and Least Pressure Drop

Q&E is The Most Advanced Method Of Connection In The World. This Fast And Easy Method Is Completed In 3 Simple Steps: *Place The Ring On The Tip Of The Pipe *Expand The Pipe And The Ring *Insert The Fitting This Simple And Easy!

The Whole Process Takes About 15 Seconds To Be Completed And Just After 15 Minutes The System Could Be Tested For 20 Bars. The Cross Section Of The YD Fittings Has The Biggest Opening Among Other Similar Systems, Leading To Significantly Decreasing The Pressure Drop In The System.

YD PPSU Fittings-Replacement of the Pipes Without Damaging the Tiles

It Is Always Possible To Have A Punched Or Damaged Pipe During The Service Life Of The Construction. It Might Happen Because Of Different Reasons Including Having A Drill Hole On The Pipe. Pex Pipes In General Provide The Capability Of Replacing The Damaged Pipe Without Having Any Damages To Other Construction Materials Including The Tiles.

In A Full Manifold System The Pipes Run Through Corrugated Pipes With No Connection In The Way. Therefore, A Damages Pipe Could Be Pulled Out From One Side (Say Manifold Cabinet) And The The New Pipe Inserted Again.

How To Operate PPSU Fittings

PPSU Fittings Application:

Applications For Domestic Water Plumbing, Radiant Heating/Cooling, Hydronic Piping And Fire Sprinkler Systems For Residential And Commercial Structures.

ppsu fitting application   ppsu fitting applicatioin

ppsu fitting applicatioin

PPSU Fittings Tool



Pex Pipe Tools   ppsu fitting tools PEX-A Pipe Support   ppsu fitting pipe support

Pipe Hangers ppsu fitting hanger



YD PPSU Fittings Manufacturer Customers in the Future

Uponor Fittings,Uponor Ppsu,ProPEX® Fittings,Propex Ring,Propex Expansion Fittings,ProPEX Connections Viega Pex Fittings our ppsu fittings customer in future

YD PPSU Fittings-YD Large Size Pipes; A Wise Choice

YD is Among Few Pipe Fittings Manufacturing Companies In The World Capable Of Producing Pipes. Traditionally Steel Pipes Were Used For Main Lines Of The Buildings. There Has Been Many Problems Encountered With Steel Pipes Including Rust, And Sedimentation. Reasonable Pricing Of Large Size YD Pipes Has Made It A Wise Choice To Substitute Steel Pipes.

YD PPSU Fittings-YD In Potable Water Plumbing

ppsu fittings


YD Has A Proven Record In Potable Water Plumbing Systems. It Is Free From Any Harmful Substances And Preserves The Quality Of Water For Long Periods of Time. PPSU Fittings Have Eliminated The Brass Fittings In The System; Ensuring A Longer Expected Service Life For The System.

YD PPSU Fittings-Radiator and Fan-Coil Systems

ppsu fittings system

There Are Many Advantages For YD Pipes When Used In Radiator And Fan Coil Piping. Among All, Superior Quality And Flexibility Of These Pipes Has Made It The First Choice For These Applications. Manifold System Could Be An Option When Radiator Plumbing Is Concerned. In Addition, In Classic System, YD Is One Of The Few Systems That Offers The 100% Plastic Solution.

It Should Be Not- Ed That Some Standard Requirements Does Not Allow Metal Fittings Under The Floors. Furthermore, Many Fan-Coils Are Designed With Large Size Pipes Such As 32, 40, And 50mm. Out- Standing Performance Of YD Q&E Connections, Even With Much Of Heating-Cooling Cycles, Will Keep The System Leak Free During It’S Service Life

YD PPSU Fittings-YD Under Floor Heating System

ppsu fittings under floor

Under Floor Heating System Is A Relatively New Concept Is Heating Applications. Pex-A Pipes And Adjustable Manifolds Have Ever Been The Best Choice For UFH Systems. YD tech. Engineers Offer Free Design For Engineers. Our Clients Are Confident In Correct Functionality Of The System And Get The Proper Support When And Where They Need It.

YD PPSU Fittings-A System That Matches Your Budget

budget YD is A Leading Company In Providing Practical And High Quality Plumbing And Heating Sup- Plies. Beside Quality, YD considers Afford- Ability Of The System Too. Technical Support Engineers Offer Different Solutions Based On The Different Budgets.

Plumb- Ing Designs, Beside Variety Of Fittings And Pipes Makes It Possible For Project Owners To Chose The Right Offering For Their Projects. Our Clients Might Choose From Basic UFH System, To The Advanced Remotely Controlled BMS Systems.


ppsu fittings FAQ


Q:What Is Pex?

A:Pex Is An Engineered Thermoset Polymer With Molecular Bonds Called “Cross-Linking”.

Q:What Are Different Types Of Pex Pipes?

A:There Are Three Types For Pex Pipes; Pex-A (Peroxide), Pex-B (Silane), And Pex-C (Irradiation).

Q:What Is «Shape Memory» In Pex Pipes?

A:This Special Characteristics Of Pex Pipes Allow Them To Return To Their Original Shapes After Being Kicked.

Q:Under Which Standards YD Pipes Are Produced?

A:YD Is A Pex-A Pipe, And Is Produced Under EN-ISO 15875 and DIN 16892-3.

Q:What Is PPSU?

A:PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) is an Advanced Engineered Polymer Mostly Used In Aerospace, Automotive, And Sanitary Applications. YD PPSU Fittings are Made From PPSU Raw Material

Q:Are PPSU Brass Fittings Made From Special Brass?

A:Yes, They Are Made From Special Corrosion And Chemical Resistant Brass.

Q:What Are The Applications For YD Pipes?

A:In Addition To Industrial Applications, YD Pipes Are Used In Potable Water, Radiator Heating, Fan-Coil, And Under Floor Heating Applications.

Q:What Are The Available YD Pipe Sizes?

A:They Are Available In 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, And 63 Mm OD

Q:What Are The Advantages Of Using YD Pipes In The Risers?

A:They Are Connected By Highly Reliable Q&E Connections They Could Be Produced With Custom Made Length Option 26 Q:Are YD Pipes Resistant To Freezing? A:Yes

Q:Is That Possible To Replace The YD Damaged Pipes Without Any Imposed Damages To The Walls?

A:Yes, In YD Manifold System, The (Possible) Damaged Pipes Placed In The Corrugated Pipes Could Be Replaced Without Any Damages To The Tiles.

Q:What Is The Expansion/Contraction Of Pex Pipes And Does It Have Any Negative Effects?

A:This Expansion/Contraction Just Happens When The Pipes Are Laid Exposed And In Heating/Cooling Conditions. Proper Fixation Must Be Used To Prevent This Issue. When Used Under Floor Or Under Tiles On The Walls, There Is No Such Issue Involved.

Q:Is Pressure Drop In YD Fittings Lesser Than Other Similar Systems?

A:Yes, Based On The Special Characteristics Of YD Fittings, The Pressure Drop In YD System Is Much Lesser Than The Similar Systems.

Q:What Are The Advantages Of YD System Over Steel Pipes?

A:YD Does Not Rust Or Sediment, And Is Lighter In Weight, Faster To Install, Freeze Resistant, Lesser Pressure Drop, And Also Preventing Water Hammer.

Q:What Are The Advantages Of YD System Over PPR Pipes?

A:Consumes Lesser Pipes And Fittings, Longer Expected Life, Freeze Resistance, Lesser Error From Plumbers, And Using A Single Pipe For Longer Lengths (Without Using Connectors)

Q:What Are The Advantages Of YD System Over Multi Layer (MLCP) Pipes?

A:Freeze Resistance, Lesser Error From Plumbers, Lesser Pressure Drop In The Fittings, Lesser Crimping Tools, And Shape Memory

Q:What Are The Advantages Of YD System Over Other Types Of Pex Pipes?

A:Based On The ISO 15875 Standard, Pex-A Pipes Have A Higher Cross Linking Degree Compared To Pex-B And Pex-C, More Flexibility, And Compatibility With Q&E Connections.

Q:Does YD Pipes Have A Warranty?

A:Yes. Based On The Initial Request Of Customers, All YD Pipes Come With A 10 Year Warranty Or A Valid Insurance Certificate. More Information Is Provided By The Legal Department Of YD.

Q:Does Moss And Bacteria Grow In Pex Pipes?

A:In The Ballasted Plumbing Systems, There Is No Difference Between Pex And Other Plumbing Systems. Regardless Of The Type Of The System However, If The Water In The Pipe Does Not Move For A Long Period Of Time, There Will Be A Chance Of Growing Bacteria In The System.

YD PPSU Fittings-Mission of YD

Become One Of Leading Pex Supplier,PEX PLUMBING Suppliers,Plumbing Pipe Suppliers,Plumbing Fittings Manufacturers

ppsu fittings mission

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