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Chapter 1. What is PPSU Materials?


NATURAL POLYARYLETHERSULFONE, specifically abbreviated as PPSU. Polymer CAS No: 25608-64-4.

ppsu material

The top manufacturers of this material mainly include Basf in Germany and Solvay in the United States. There are also two domestic companies that are currently developing and promoting.

ppsu solvay company

ppsu basif company

In international regulations, the core of the product in the United States reminds: polyphenylene alum resin is composed of a basic resin prepared by the reaction of p-phenylene sulfide and peracetic acid. The p-polyphenylene sulfide used in the preparation of polyphenylene sulfide is prepared by the reaction of sodium sulfide and p-dichlorobenzene. Generally light brown particles, except for strong polar solvents, concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid, they are stable to general acids, alkalis, and salts.

ppsu material

Temperature resistance, heat oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, odorless and non-toxic. It is commonly used in feeding bottles, high-end tableware, medical treatment, automobiles, aerospace, etc. in daily life.

Experience has shown that the product is inert and non-degradable. The density of PPSU is 1.30G/CM3. According to the ISO75-1/-2 standard, the heat distortion temperature under a load of 1.8MPa (HDT A) is 196 degrees, and the maximum temperature for continuous use can reach 175 degrees. The parallel expansion coefficient at room temperature 23-55 degrees is 55E-6/K, and the compressive and flexural strength can reach more than 127MPa.

Chapter 2. What’s the ISO Standard of Pipe Fittings?


The development of pipe fittings mainly depends on the requirements of pipe materials.

According to ISO international standard size :
There are three standard specifications for pipes: SDR11, SDR9 and SDR7.4.

According to different materials, mainstream plastic pipes can be divided into :

PEX pipe (cross-linked polyethylene pipe PEX-a, PEX-b, PEX-c),

  • The PEX-a tube is peroxide cross-linked, and the molecular structure is a two-dimensional network structure. Generally, the degree of cross-linking is higher, and the pipe has the highest resilience.
  • PEX-b tube silane crosslinking,
  • The PEX-c tube is radiation cross-linked. Both of these two kinds of tubes have a three-dimensional structure with relatively high hardness.

pex pipe

PE-RT pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe.

The PE-RT pipe is non-crosslinked heat-resistant polyethylene, and the aluminum-plastic composite pipe is composed of multiple layers of pipes. Generally, the inner pipe is a PEX pipe, the middle is an aluminum layer, and the outer layer is also a PEX pipe, which has the highest oxidation resistance.

pe-rt pipe

Chapter 3. The Positioning of PPSU Pipe Fittings(Poly Fittings).


Comparison of PPSU pipe fittings with PPR pipe fittings, copper pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings, and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

ppr pipe

From the perspective of environmental protection performance, PPSU products are completely non-toxic, and a very popular product in the world is to use this material to produce baby bottles. Therefore, the material fully meets the health and environmental protection requirements of modern life.


baby bottle ppsu

For copper or stainless steel parts, due to the uneven quality of material suppliers, it is difficult to distinguish the material requirements. Even if the products are produced by regular manufacturers according to international standards, the materials must contain trace elements such as lead, zinc, and iron, and these are extremely harmful to the human body under long-term use.

Advantages and Disadvantages.

1. From the point of view of thermal expansion, the coefficient of expansion of PPSU pipe fittings and pipes is the closest. The difference in expansion coefficient between metal pipe fittings and plastic pipes is the largest.

Under the action of alternating hot and cold water, the connecting pipes are most likely to loosen or even fall off. For example, the copper nut locking pipe fittings produced by the manufacturer a few years ago, after long-term use of cold and hot water, there will be water leakage.

copper fittings leakage

At present, except for some specific places that are installed on the market, such pipe fittings are basically no longer promoted.

2. From the perspective of anti-oxidation, under the same conditions, PPSU products are inert, non-degradable, and have a service life of at least 100 years. The normal service life of PPR pipe fittings is generally no more than 15 pieces, and they cannot be used under long-term exposure to air or sunlight, otherwise the service life of the material will be extremely short under the action of ultraviolet rays.

The inner wall of the PPR tube is very easy to produce green algae, which affects the water quality. Under long-term use, copper pipe fittings will oxidize and produce copper bruises, endangering human health. These are not in line with modern water requirements.

3. In terms of comfort and economy, the price of PPSU pipe fittings is slightly higher than that of PPR pipe fittings, but far lower than copper and stainless steel fittings.

PPR pipe fittings require hot-melt welding, which is prone to false welding, and the possibility of water leakage under long-term pressure is greater. In addition, the welding of PPR pipe fittings requires skilled operators, and problems such as diameter reduction can only be grasped by experience, and it is difficult to establish construction standards.

ppr fitting application

For example, if you buy a large-diameter pipe fitting at a high price, due to the problem of hot-melt shrinkage, the pipe fittings are stuck in the position and the flow rate is reduced. In fact, it is equivalent to only using a smaller product, and the comfort is greatly reduced.

The price of PPSU raw materials is very expensive, but due to the improvement of the injection molding process, the price of the produced pipe fittings is still far lower than the copper or stainless steel pipe fittings.

4. From the perspective of supporting pipes, there are major differences in transportation. Whether it is PEX pipe, PE-RT pipe or aluminum-plastic pipe, except for special cases, coiled pipes are mainly used, which is small in size and convenient for transportation.

The more important point is that the coils are in a roll of 100 to 500 meters, which reduces the number of joints in the middle of the installation and reduces the cost of joints and installation. PPR pipes or stainless steel pipes can only use straight pipes with a length of 4-6 meters. The transportation cost is relatively high. Especially long pipes cannot be put into the elevator.

ppsu fittings

When they are delivered to high-rise residential buildings, they can only be moved upstairs by humans. trouble. Since straight pipes need to be connected for use, intermediate link joints will be added, and manual installation costs will also increase accordingly. The overall construction time, manpower, and material costs will increase a lot.

Chapter 4. The Classification of PPSU Pipe Fittings(Poly Fittings).


According to the different connection methods, PPSU pipe fittings can be divided into three categories(different types of pex fittings):
*Quick and easy connection,
*Press connection
*Slip-tightly connect.

The main differences are as follows:

1. Quick and easy connection,which also called Poly Fittings.

ppsu fittings

The main manufacturers are Uponor(uponor fittings), WIN-WIN and so on. This connection method is recommended to use PEX-a tube (referred to as A tube). Whether it is a standard tube of SDR 11, SDR 9 or SDR 7.4, it can be connected quickly and easily. It can be said that the size of the tube is very low.

Uponor Fittings:

  • ProPEX fittings
  • propex ring
  • propex expansion fittings
  • ProPEX connections
  • propex pipe and fittings
  • propex expander fittings
  • ProPEX EP fittings
  • ProPEX connections.
  • ProPEX EP fittings
  • EP Fittings

A. This type of pipe fitting is composed of a pipe fitting body and a cold-expanded fastening ring. There is no rubber sealing ring, and the pipe fitting and the pipe are completely sealed hard. When using, you need to use a professional expanding tool.

ppsu fitting tools

After expanding the tube and ring, you can quickly insert it. Only need to stand for 30 minutes at 20 degrees and normal temperature, then the pressure test can be suppressed. If the temperature is 0-10 degrees, it is recommended to stand for more than 4-8 hours, and then pressure test. If the installation temperature is below 0 degrees, it is recommended to increase the standing time, or use a hot air gun to heat it before pressing.

B. This method is easy to install, it only needs one expansion and one insertion, which has very low requirements for operators. At the same time, the installation efficiency is extremely high. Compared with other methods, the installation speed can be increased by more than 50%.


Since the resting time is reduced, the test can basically be suppressed on the same day, which reduces the staff’s second visit to the door and reduces the workload. When there is an experience table, if you use other methods to install a set of houses, the quick and easy way can install at least two sets of the same house.

C. In addition, compared to methods such as hot-melt welding or nut locking, this connection method does not need to repeatedly verify the reliability of the installation, and the safety is greatly guaranteed.

2. Compression connection,

pex to copper connection


usually connected to SDR 11 standard PEX pipe, PE-RT pipe and aluminum-plastic composite pipe, which is not suitable for other standard pipes.

A. This type of pipe is composed of four parts: main body, heat-resistant O-ring, stainless steel sleeve and positioning ring. The compression connection has very high requirements on the size of the pipe, and the tolerance requirements must be controlled within the standard range, otherwise it is easy to cause water leakage.

The thickness and inner hole size of the stainless steel sleeve must also meet the standard. If the thickness or hardness is not up to the standard, it is easy to rebound after compression, and even break in extreme cases. In addition, the requirements for O-rings are very high, and the tightness of this type of pipe depends entirely on this. In addition to pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, 50-70 years of service life should also be considered.

B. There are two types of installation tools for pipe fittings: manual and electric, but for pressed PROFILE, countries usually have national standards, and there are two types of international conventional ones, TH type and U type.

When installing, pay attention to the locking and wear of the adjustment tools. If the locking force is too large, the position of the clamped tube will be relatively thin. If the tool is severely worn, the roundness of the compression is not enough, and it is easy to cause hidden dangers.

C, on the issue of diameter reduction. The inner hole of the product of the same specification is much smaller than that of the quick and easy connection. The larger the product specification, the more obvious.

Taking the 25mm specification as an example, the inner hole of the quick and easy part is 17mm, and the inner hole of the clamping and sliding parts is only about 14mm, which is only equivalent to the 20mm inner hole of the quick and easy part.

3. Slip-tight connection,

press fittings

usually connected to SDR7.4 standard PEX pipe. At present, some international manufacturers have developed SDR11 standard compression fittings. But the two are not universal. This type of pipe is composed of a PPSU body and a slip ring.

A. The materials of the slip ring are not the same from each manufacturer.The market is mainly composed of three types of copper, PVDF, and PPSU. I personally think that PPSU main body with PPSU slip ring is the best combination, because the expansion coefficient is the same. If the PPSU body is matched with a copper slip ring, the expansion coefficient is different, and it is easy to loosen in the case of cold and heat cycles.

In addition, the production cost of the copper ring is relatively high. PVDF material is cheaper than PPSU. In addition, the processing difficulty is low, and the processing cost is low. From an economic point of view, it is better than PPSU slip ring, but its expansion coefficient is also greater than that of PPSU.

B. Slip-tight connection also has the problem of diameter reduction, which is the same as that of the clamping piece. Also take 25mm design specifications as an example. According to the SDR 11 standard, the inner hole of a 25mm pipe is about 20mm. It is quick and easy to connect. The inner hole of the pipe is 17mm. Compared with the inner hole of the pipe, the deviation is less, and the flow rate is only reduced to 72 of the pipe.

Around %, it can be said that the impact is small. If you use sliding or compression connection, the inner diameter of the connection is only 14mm, and the flow rate drops directly to about 49% of the pipe, which is less than half of the design flow rate of the pipe.

It can be said that the design effect has been seriously affected. If you want to really enjoy the design flow rate of the 25mm pipe, you must install it at a higher level, that is, use the 32mm specification product. If this is the case, the overall material and installation costs will double.

Chapter 5. The Use Method and Application Context of ISO Standard PPSU Quick and Easy Pipe Fittings:


  1.  Choose suitable pipe fittings, quick and easy rings and expanding tools.
    2. Cut the pipe vertically with pipe cutters to ensure that the pipe mouth is flat.
    3. Put the quick and easy ring on the pipe and observe the pipe to the end.
    4. Use the expanding tool to expand the mouth, so that the quick and easy ring and the pipe are fully opened.
    5. After putting down the tool, insert the pipe into the end of the pipe quickly (up to 3-5 seconds) and hold it for a few seconds.
    6. After waiting a few seconds to one minute, the quick and easy ring and pipeline will return to their original condition and tighten naturally.
    7. At room temperature (above 20 degrees), the pipeline pressure test can be performed after 30 minutes.

ppsu fittings

It is noteworthy that this method does not require skilled workers, and the operation points are only one expansion and one insertion, which is simple and clear.

PPSU Q&E pipe fittings need to be used with Q&E ring. The development of Kuaiyihuan has gone through three generations of development.

The first generation is the PEX-a pipe ring cut into a quick and easy ring, which is equivalent to double-layer pipe reinforcement.

The second generation is a translucent injection molded ring made of PEX-b material. Compared with the first generation ring, the shrinkage force is doubled. The third generation is the color injection ring of innovative PEX material.

The third-generation ring newly developed by WIN-WIN adopts new ergonomic design, with stiffeners and new tongue markings, with clear dimensions and easy installation.

Compared with the previous second-generation ring, the third-generation ring has a stronger thermal memory system, faster rebound speed, and greater resistance to fracture elongation. Compared with the second-generation ring, the resistance to fracture elongation is increased by 45%.

Application context:

PPSU has the advantages of being resistant to hydrolysis, does not react chemically with water, and can withstand a high temperature of 170 degrees for a long time. PPSU pipe fittings have excellent chemical resistance, and general organic chemicals (except ketones, chlorine, and benzene) will not have a serious impact on PPSU pipe fittings.

ppsu fittings under floor

Conventional PTFE tape can be used on threads, but liquid thread sealant is prohibited. In theory, foaming agents can be used selectively, but for the sake of safety, it is best not to use them.

1. The application of PPSU quick and easy pipe fittings in the water supply industry.

Domestic water supply pipelines are generally hidden projects, which may not be seen in our lives, but they support our lives at all times. Therefore, the reliability, stability, installation convenience, product applicability, and system comfort of the water supply system design are all issues we have to consider. This is the goal that WIN-WIN is committed to, committed to sustainable development and enriching people’s lifestyles.

There are three commonly used construction methods in engineering:

1.One is the three-way series connection. That is, after being led out from the water meter, the main pipeline all the way leads directly to each branch point, and each outlet point uses a three-way way to divert water. At present, it is still common to use three-way installation.

The system is characterized by multiple branches of a main pipe, multiple taps (or water outlets), the use of pipes is the least, and the pressure loss is the largest. There are many connection points, high requirements for pipe fittings, and relatively many weak points. In addition, the remaining stagnant water at the end of the system is detrimental to hygiene.

2.The second is the U-shaped loop design scheme.
In the circuit design scheme, multiple water devices are also connected to the same main pipeline. The difference from the three-way method is that the U-shaped elbow is used to solve the problem of residual stagnant water.

Also affected by the series connection, water pressure loss is still inevitable. If you want to get higher comfort, you must have a professional design, the process is relatively complicated, and you need to use a relatively large main pipeline to reduce pressure loss and increase costs.

3.The third is the branch water supply scheme.
The branch water supply pipe is a piping system centered on one or several water dividers and distributed to various water points through branch pipes. After each water pipe is led out from the water divider, it directly reaches the faucet without a joint in the middle, and the amount of pipes is large.

2019 PPSU Fittings

PPSU North American

Through the point-to-point design, the hidden danger of water leakage in the burying link is avoided. The design of this system is simple, the use of pipe fittings is minimal, and each water point has one pipe to the end.


Each channel can be controlled separately for easy maintenance. The waterway is balanced, the water pressure loss is minimal, or almost no loss, and the water comfort is the highest. It is currently the most ideal construction plan.

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