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Magnetic Level Gauges production
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Magnetic Level Gauges workshop
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Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (Common Top-Mounted Type)



Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (No Protection Tube Top-Mounted type)


Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (Corrosion-Proof With PP Lining Top-Mounted type)


Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (Corrosion-Proof With PTFE Lining Top-Mounted type)


Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (Bypass tube Top-Mounted type)


Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (Top-Dedicated liquefied petroleum gas)


Side-Mounted Magnetic Liquid Level gauge (Basic Type)


Side-Mounted Magnetic Liquid Level gauge (Middle Temperature and Middle Pressure Type)


Side-Mounted Magnetic Liquid Level gauge (High Temperature and High Pressure Type)


Magnetic Liquid Level gauge Installation Illustration

Do you want to compatible the diverse liquids with a fixed temperature range?  If yes, then this magnetic level indicator is for you. Which is highly used for instrumentation objectives.

Systemized Magnetic level gauge with WEKA demonstration


Magnetic level gauges



Are you still looking to control the numerous fluids at industrial level? Then never forget to use a magnetic level gauge. It is specifically made for measuring the chemicals to a limited extent. However, this device has cost-effective resources. That varies from company to company.

It works according to the principles which an expert configured in it. Also, they come in every generation but with new innovations. As, the recent gauge is from Ayvaz MG brand which consults the highly qualified manufacturers. Our strategy is quite similar to theirs. We have professional builders and extreme status quality.

If you have no idea about its installation, then don’t worry. Our constructors not only deliver your desired gauge but also install it as per your desire. All you have to do is make sure the exact measurements of your tanks.

Application of magnetic level gauge:

Although, the identification of chemical interfaces is only possible by using magnetic gauges. You can use them at different places for numerous tasks. But this apparatus performs a single function at a time. Here, we’ll discuss all the zones, in which you can use it.

  • Warm water or steam tanks
  • Aqua sewage systems
  • Food and beverages estimations at industrial stage
  • Filter operated stations
  • Pipeline compressor regions
  • Discharged and filled stuff containers
  • Pharmaceutical production buildings
  • Experimental research laboratories
  • Power and gas plant machinery
  • Petroleum/diesel fuel-generated tanks
  • Underwater submarine control set-up
  • Helicopter shuttle boiler
  • Ship underground water supply tank

All-inclusive Working principles of magnetic gauge:

The operational phase of level gauges is very technical but simple. Like, it follows the theory of communicating vessels. Meanwhile, its functionality depends on the interlinking between magnets. Which contains a mixture of homogeneous solutions and builds its connection with top edge of gauge.

After settlement of liquid, it creates a balance of stored fluid with other vases. The shape and volume capacity of vases don’t matter. Plus, it makes sure the uniform motion of all liquid chemicals regardless of their consistency. Here, we’ll discuss its proper working steps:

  1. Just fasten italong the tank and connect its pipeline with water directly.
  2. There is a float supporterin chamber. Which is fixed on the top of fluid and kept at rest until liquid moves.
  3. When the float supporter moves up or down, the bicolor magnet flapsstart rotating. And later on, mounted up the graphic indicator measurements from one color to another.

Detailed classification of magnetic level indicators:

This gauge is not today’s modern development. It is the invention of 1980’s by WIKA Alexander Wiegand. Which further enhances its operations and functional interfaces with time. Now, it comes into a specific variety with different properties. Here, we’ll discuss the basic classified groups in detail.

  • If you want to find a best alternative solution to glass level indicators, then flapper magnetic level gaugeperfectly meets your all requirements. Even, it is specifically designed for prevention of chemical spillage having bicolor aluminium rollers. There is no external glass covering. But it is equipped with magnets supported by housing rails.
  • The second one is capsule shuttle magnetic level gauge. Which have high and accurate indications of all liquid bases. Doesn’t matter the location it is. But the fact is that it is widely used on small scales. That includes travelling chambers and shipment objectives. Also, there is a waterproof covering on its external. Which is a combination of plastic and aluminium.

Model versions of magnetic level gauges:

Every customer has different thoughts while purchasing the level gauges. And they vary with time. But you do not need to worry about it. We bring some designed models of this apparatus for you. That includes:

  • Pointer D
  • Pointer F
  • Pointer M
  • Pointer R
  • Pointer L

Pointer D:

This one is widely used in condensate crystallized tanks, and LPG vehicles. It executes two or more process connections at a time. Which organizes the side of container very well. You cannot use it on an industrial scale due to its limited functions.

magnetic level gauges Pointer D


Pointer F:

If you are searching for an underground control magnetic gauge, get this one. It is used for storing the water and other fluids below the earth’s surface. Like, submarine tanks and transporting oil traders need this one. There is a single process connection at the bottom of indicator. Which uniformly transfers the liquid.

magnetic level gauges Pointer F


Pointer M:

This model is specifically designed for evaporating the secreted fluid wastes. In short, you can utilize them in your pharmaceutical regions and industries. There are also two or more process connections along the side of gauge vessel.

magnetic level gauges Pointer M


Pointer R:

This model class is also known as “Pipeline inspection Gauge”. It compiles two connection processes gently at the end edge of vessel. Never try to infuse more than two link operators within this indicator. You can use this one for scaling up the two pipelines together. Further, it is also used in plant lab experiments.

magnetic level gauges Pointer R

Pointer L:

Only one connection process is inserted in its construction. Also, it is used for shipping day tanks. Where, the chemical fuel pumps for consumption of running engine. If you literally want to invest in a good magnetic gauge for vehicles, must try this one.

Why you should have magnetic level gauge?

Precise measurement of liquids is a difficult task even for experts nowadays. In such conditions, you must have such a device that measures your detergents accurately. Here, we’ll discuss that why you should be investing in this particular product.

  • It has a standard unpressurised float system. Which automatically controls your liquor levels regardless of its open or sealed tank.
  • Secondly, the gauge mechanism has floated rails without mechanical and engaging lead. That follows the magnetic levitation technology to run trains and ships over a specified track.
  • Thirdly, there is a complete corrosion-proof system.Which is launched specifically for underwater carriage. It protects the gauge externally and internally from rusting.
  • Next, there is a competitive price chart mentioned with each indicator. You can view their rates with other details. If you want to appeal to your customers, show this chart list along with your product.
  • Our company provides this equipment to buyers with limited time delivery. So, you have no need to panic about time management.
  • Another factor that is only achieved by purchasing the magnetic level gauge is unaffected environment. Doesn’t matter, how much pressure, temperature, viscosity and vacuum you are given to water tank. The magnetic level gauge works excellently in each case.
  • There is minimum vulnerability regardless of density modification. Which strengthens up the quality of gauge day by day.
  • Also, you do not need to activate the power supply while finding the permanent indication of fluids. If you are using the magnetic level gauge, it works perfectly without an external power supply.

Buying Guide:


How did you choose the perfect magnetic indicator?


There is a huge variety of magnetic level gauges at common industrial level. And each one has its unique attributes plus infrastructure. So, there is a bit little challenging to differentiate the best version from others. You have to must consider these factors before buying any gauge.

• Design methodology:

Each constructor adapts its own design strategy to make the gauge. Due to this, there is a variation in each equipment. You have to take a deep view of all the designs first and then select anyone. Our company manufactures each gauge as per your demands.

• Dimensional size:

Make sure the exact size of magnetic level gauge is according to your tank before purchasing it. However, its size fluctuates with your location. If you want to buy it for measuring water in a tank, then 9 to 10 inches gauge is perfect for all of you.

But the middle size is suitable for lab experiments. Meanwhile, the small size is specifically made for hospital use in blood donation purposes.

• Sanitizing procedure:

Another key factor that you must be considered is it’s well-cleansing. You have to make sure that your gauge is sterilized automatically once or twice a week. Guys! it is the most mandatory element that is found in 70% of magnetic level indicators.

But if you still haven’t found such an apparatus, then go for a simple one. And wash it with the help of brush or hand.

• Quick installation:

The big issue while purchasing this measurement gauge is its installation. Which directly depends on the quality of equipment. If you have strong and well-built quality then, installation of gauge also faster and vice versa. So, never compromise on the quality of your product.

• Secure glass covering:

This one is the most sensitive point to consider. Like, every gauge has the glass-based transparent exterior. Which shows the fluids level view to users easily. But this glass covering comes in different categories.

So, you have to ensure its robust standard. That will not be affected in case of serious weathers or other circumstances.


Our top magnetic level gauges:


Here, we discuss some of our top selected gauges as per our customer’s demand. All of these have flawless nature and premium features. So, just take a review of these products to make your purchase amazing.

• MG-33 Magnetic Level Gauge
• 33PR Compact Magnetic Level Gauge
• MG-33SC Magnetic Level Gauge
• 33SV Magnetic Level Gauge
• ATS-10 Tilt Sensor
• MG-33 Magnetic Level Gauge Top Mounted
• 33SCV Front Scale Valve Model
• MG-33S Magnetic Level Gauge
• 33P Magnetic Level Gauge


I. MG-33 Magnetic Level Gauge:

This instrumental gauge is well-built by lifting the electromagnetism pulling forces.  It has a combination of floating magnets. That later on changes the liquid level by using bi-colored flaps. Which includes the fusion of red-white wall sides.

Now, we’ll discuss where to do its application. You can easily install this MG-33 magnetic indicator in hot water and steam kettles. As well as, it includes water wastage sources, unloading filled tanks, diesel fuel containers, helicopters, and warships.  Petrochemical and oil generators also use this gauge for drainage purposes.

It easily monitors the continuous liquid levels by arranging a uniform pipeline pattern. You can customize this tool simply. All you have to do is contact our team and discuss your requested modifications. That might be length, connection, and storage. Further, this gauge is installed smoothly beside the wall of tanker.


  • Active functionality with different density levels
  • Highly durable
  • 3-years warranty approved
  • Facile maintenance support
  • Each piece has the capacity of 6 meters of more customization
  • Works up to 160 °C pressure applied
  • Auto-cleaning with respect to the movement of float

II. 33PR Compact Magnetic Level Gauge:

This device also works with EG-11 service gadget. Which is totally compatible with integrated liquid levelling systems. And then it automatically monitored the tank. Plus, there is a proportional rail to create an omega gesture with magnetic touch.

That later on transfers this wave to an automation signal with the help of a panel. However, the common integrated signals are 4-20mA or among 0-10 volts signals. You can secure these alerts in your alarms, contacts, and pumping extracts according to your desired mark.

It works comfortably with stainless steel tank walls. You can install it along the bar but with socket connection. Where, the user is linked with level gauge and allowed to exchange the provided signal. Also, he disconnects after completing the magnetic cycle.


  • Long-lasting construction quality
  • Environment-friendly and non-stop monitoring
  • Easy to install
  • Quick performance with respect to variable density flow
  • Every section has the capacity of 4 meters more manufacturing
  • Simple maintenance of continuous working
  • Sealing establishment technique

III. MG-33SC Magnetic Level Gauge:

This equipment is super lightweight. Due to which, its installation becomes easier in comparison to others. You just have to calculate the measurements of desired area. And start fixing the gauge softly. Make your grip strong while digging the knob of magnets in tank surface.

Its knob is made up of stainless-steel, so rotate it first while installation. Plus, you don’t need any type of pressure thrust during the same phase. Some of its functions are bit little similar to MG-33 gauge. That includes start-stop automation, and alarm ringing configuration.

You can customize this magnetic indicator to the authority of your demands. Also, there is a huge variety in its sizes according to every use. That might be an industrial, petrochemical or laboratory request. Its display scale also varies with fluctuating the size dimensions.


  • Optional installation paradigm
  • 5 years guaranteed
  • Liable with multiple densities
  • Well-designed tool
  • Hands-free operated fluid driver
  • Optional 4 meters extra customization
  • Widely used in petroleum locations
  • Grooved channel pipeline conductors

IV. 33SV Magnetic Level Gauge:

This setup utilizes both the air pressure and water supply to run smoothly. Also, it has a seven-inch accuracy of spirit level for fast levelling of fluids. That is based on horizontal and vertical distant motions. 95% of customers love its readability measurement plus quality extent.

Although, you can easily use this indicator for doing home projects. Like, filtering water, estimating chemicals, and manipulating carbonated drinks are its common functions.

It is basically designed for productive levelling of gaseous liquids on and off the construction site. Which never loses the position of its magnet in case of severe earthquakes. Due to this, experts prefer its installation in submarine locations.


  • Highly visible intensity
  • Long-lasting properties
  • Easy-to-read glass vial windows
  • Strong versatility
  • Level quality depends on amount of fluid
  • Extreme precision of liquids
  • Spectacular external sheath coverage


V. ATS-10 Tilt sensor:

This indicator served as a perpendicular capturing operator. You can use it along a battery as well as with a voltage supply. There is no loss of energy. But if it gets deactivated by default, you’ll get notified by opening or closing its top valve. So, you can consider this sensor as an alerting shaft.

On the other side, its application is quite different from others. Like, you can attach it with a V pole for electrolysis process of liquids. It is safely built with stainless steel having an electrolytic design. Which makes the distillation mechanism of fluids easier.

Its magnets are too secure as well as lightweight. Which protects the entire gauge from falling. You can easily install this one by hiring an electrician or specialist.



  • Strongly built
  • Water-repellent attributes
  • Specifically designed for measuring the current flow
  • Accurate results
  • Easy to detach for washing tasks

VI. MG-33 Magnetic Level Gauge Top Mounted:

It is lightly designed and manufactured by a constructor. Also, it is installed smoothly without implementing pressure strength on it. Guys! this tool is not only used for measurement objectives, but also suitable for extraction and lifting of electro-magnet.

Its bi-colored scheme proves very helpful for users. They can simply change the level of liquid by enabling its top float rod. Also, the red-white pattern is followed on its external wall. You can choose any color for extra liquor level and the other is automatically assigned for lower level.


  • High reliability
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Safe to wash
  • Efficient maintenance
  • Affordable price

VII. 33SCV Front Scale valve gauge:

This level gauge fulfils the need for display measurement scale. It is made of the combination of stainless steel and plastic. That increases its reliability also. You can install it very simply by lifting it. All you have to do is inserting its bottom needle into tanks lower surface.

And wait for some seconds to make sure that it is fixed perfectly. If it gets any type of issue while working, it stops automatically and starts repairing itself. There is no need to discharge the water container. It safely monitors the level of acid or base by setting the float.


  • Super easy to install
  • Free shipping
  • Cheap
  • Unlimited lifetime usage
  • Helpful in oil broilers

VIII. MG-33S Magnetic Level Gauge:

It acts as a real-time liquid controller. Which takes the complete measurement of liquid solutions. 25 to 30 portions are built in its interior. That rotates the red-white flaps in case of lowering or increasing the fluid level. Also, it follows the up-thrust physical working principle.  Which operates by applying the buoyancy pull and push forces and electromagnetic forces.

Even if, you are searching for a measuring device to supervise the magnetic switches, this MG-3SS model is a great option for you. The magnetic effect technology is used in its manufacturing. Which later on detects the flowed liquids having various flanged connection processes.


  • Simple but technical design
  • Highly temperature resistant
  • Durable enough
  • Strongly pressure repellent
  • Recommended for comparison of numerous liquids
  • Used in fossil-fuel tanks

IX. 33P Magnetic Level Gauge:

If you are looking for a strong and reliable indicator, purchase this one. As, its external coverage is securely built of stainless steel. While, the float bar and internal body are made up of PVC synthetic resin. That makes the device acid-resistant and chemically corrosive-sealed proof.

You can install this equipment in your liquid bath tanks, and petrochemical planting systems. There will be no loss of water supply. But make sure that it is installed perfectly. Never try to fix it on your own. It’ll be a waste of time. So, just go for an expert one.



  • Linking with 3 connection processes
  • Long-lasting
  • Applicable for different solutions
  • Temperature resistant nature
  • Easily worked with different pressure levels

Final verdict:


Magnetic level gauge is the mandatory requirement of this era. Where, you can keep a cheque on fluids by measuring them at a specific scale. They act as a level sensor for estimating the accurate volume of your liquid.

There is a bundle of its numerous standards. Each one has some unique characteristics with different modules. You can purchase anyone as per your requirement and application strategy. Magnetic field is the key factor of these level indicators. The stronger the field, the more durable function gauge performs and vice versa. So, always focus on its sturdy field. The points we discussed above must be considered to make your purchase best.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How are magnetic level gauges operated safely?

The operational phase of level gauges is very technical but simple. Like, it follows the theory of communicating vessels. Meanwhile, its functionality depends on the interlinking between magnets. Which contains a mixture of homogeneous solutions and builds its connection with top edge of gauge.

2. Is there a specific working principle for using the magnetic gauge?

Yes, But it works according to the principles which an expert configured in it. Also, they come in every generation but with new innovations. So, there’ll be a chance of more reliable working regulations in future.

3. What is the most facing issue while using magnetic level gauge?

The big issue while purchasing this measurement gauge is its installation. Which directly depends to the quality of equipment. If you have strong and well-built quality then, installation of gauge also faster and vice versa. So, never compromise on the quality of your product.

4. What is the prominent variation in different magnetic level gauges?

Each constructor adapts its own design strategy to make the gauge. Due to which, there is a variation in each equipment. You have to take a deep view of all the designs first and then select anyone. Our company manufactures each gauge as per your demands.


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