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Benefit Choosing YD Shower Chair

Shower Chair Manufacturers

YD Wall Mounted Shower Chairs’ Ideal Use to Keep individuals had Safe, Comfortable and independent Bathing Time.

Space-Saving, Solid and Reliable Shower Chairs Workable With Us. Our Wall Mounted Shower Chairs are Constructed From Heavy-Duty Raw Materials.

They Can Manufacture From Hard Plastic, Wood or Metal. Long-Term Uses is Not A Question With Our Bathing Chairs.

Here in YD, We Carry A Large Range of Wall Mounted Shower Chairs That Enable Us to Meet Customers’ Various Needs.

YD Shower Chair Manufacturers

We Have Got Full Certifications For All Our Shower Chair, Send Your Inquiry NOW

YD is One of Shower Chair Manufacturers

Our Factory is Located in Ningbo City. It’s About Two Hours to HangZhou By Car.
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shower chair manufacturers
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YD is One of Shower Chair Manufacturers in China


Our Wall Mounted Shower Chairs are Manufactured and Design By Our Experienced and Knowledgeable Team of Craftsmen.

They had Gain Rich Expertise in Terms of Developing The Highest Quality Standard Shower Seats. to Maintain A High Level of Manufacturing Standards, They Manufacture Products Paying More Attention to Details.

As Different Customers Require Diverse Solutions, Our Team is Flexible With Their Act of Assistance.

We had Equipped With Over 300 Employees That are Skilled With Their Task. With This Kind of Teamwork, You Can Guarantee Your orders Completely Finish in The Set Time.


YD is One of Leading Shower Chair Manufacturers

YD Wall Mounted Shower Chairs Comes in Different Dimensions, Style, Design, Shapes Colors, and Additional Features/ Accessories.

The Legs of The Chair are Made Up of Non-Corrosive Aluminum. and The Tips are Made Up Rubber They are Slip-Resistant.

Whether You Need A Small or Large Amount of orders YD Can Cater to Your Request. For Businesses or Special Projects, You Can Always Count on YD For All Your Shower Seat Needs.

The Highest Quality of Wall Mounted Shower Chair Products Over Professional Services, You Will Surely Have An Amazing Purchasing Experienced.

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YD is One of Leading Grab Bar Manufacturers in China


All Our Wall Mounted Shower Chairs are Manufactured According to The industry Standards. It Meets and Exceeds The Necessary Quality Requirements.

Our Factory and Product are Certificated Standards Such As CE, NSF, CUPC, and More. Safe, Reliable and Long-Lasting Wall Mounted Shower Chairs Manageable in YD.

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Every Wall Mounted Folding Bench Seats are Checked and inspect Through Various Parameters With Our QC Team. They Assure Products individually Meet The Set Standards. to Maintain Quality Services, We Strictly Perform Such Doing.

shower chair manufacturers

As The #1 China Wall Mounted Shower Chair Manufacturer and Supplier, YD Dedicatedly Produce The Highest Quality Standard Products.


Combined With Rich industry Knowledge and Expertise, We Can Design An innovative, Upgraded Range of Products.

With Our State of The Art in-House tooling System, We Can Produce Smoothly Finished Shower Benches. 100% of Products are Delivered on-Time. No Delays.

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With YD, You Can Save Time, Reduced Cost and had Stress-Free Shopping. As A one-Stop-Shop Store, You Can Rely on All Your Problems With Us.

From Designing, Engineering, Production to Delivery, We Can Do All Tasks together. Otherwise, to Customize Options, We Can Help You Also.

grab bar manufacturer

Custom Wall Mounted Shower Chairs For Specific Solutions is We are Expert to Do So. Established in 1999, We are Specialized in The Bathroom Folding Chair Field Suitable For Every individual Needs and Preference.

Our Main Products is including as follows:

Grab Bar                                            Shower Seat                                  Walk-in Tubs

Toilet Grab Bars                               Shower Chair                                Non Slip Mats

Flip Up Grab Bar                              Commode Chair                          Raised Toilet Seat

Bathtub Grab Bars                          Transfer Bench                            Handicap Grab Bars

Toilet Handrails                              Grab Rail

Now, If You are Planning to order Wall Mounted Shower Chairs, Save YD today! We Have An Expert Customer Service Team That Will Help You Choose The Best Wall Mounted Shower Benches For Your Space/ Businesses.

Call or Email Us Right Away!

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