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Shower Tray 


Over 20 Years Of Experience In This Field. YD Built Up A Good Reputation By Committing Ourselves To Reliable And Trustworthy Productions.


  • 160 Professional and Knowledgeable Employees, 7 Assembly Lines.
  • 200 Sets of CNC and Multi-axis Machines with High Accuracy Production.
  • 20 QC Staff Applying Strict and Intensive Inspections to Each Procedure.

YD Shower Tray Manufacturer

We Have Full Certifications, For All Our Shower Tray Products. Send your Inquiry Now.

YD Shower Tray Manufacturer

Our Factory is Located In Hangzhou City. It’s About One Hour Traveling to Hangzhou Airport.
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Why YD Shower Tray?


             YD Supplies Shower Tray That Can Help Everyone Shower That The Water Can Flows Where It Is Supposed To Flow. In YD We Have Rectangular Shower Trays That Can Be Designed To Manipulate The Direction Way In Which Water Goes. Our Range Of Shower Tray Can Work Up To 25mm To 40mm Tall. While The Space-Saving Of Our Shower Tray Incline To Be Smaller. YD Design To Provide Ample Space In The Shower For A Refreshing And Comfortable Shower Experience.

In Compliance With ISO 9001:2008 We Have Full Control Of The Processes From Incoming Shower Tray Materials, Machining, Forging And Assembling. We, YD Approved With WRAS, CE, EN331 And ACS. We Have Also 100% Tested During Our Shower Tray Productions. You Can Also 100% Trust To Our Shower Tray Manufacturing And Supplying.


YD Your Leading Shower Tray Manufacturer

YD Shower Tray Is May Be Able To Place Directly On The Floor. Still You Must Consider Your Water Outlet Waste. YD Shower Trays Fast Becoming The Most Liked Choice. Because Our Shower Tray Is A Mixture Of Natural Minerals And A Resin Compound That Can Give Fantastic Quality.

YD Shower Tray Nearly Fits In All Bathrooms. If You Are Searching For A One-Stop Solution For Your Shower Tray, YD Is Your Good Choice Incoming Shower Tray! We Manufactured Different Sizes, Kinds, Types Of Shower Tray For Your Needs Or For Any Businesses.

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Send Your Inquiry

YD: You’re Premier Shower Tray Manufacturers and Suppliers in China.


We Are An Executive Shower Tray Manufacturer And Supplier For More Than 20 Years Of Manufacturing And Supplying Shower Tray. YD Has A Sizeable Shower Tray, We Can Provide Hundreds Of Shower Tray Every Day.

With Our Highest Quality Shower Tray Standard. YD Is One Of The Best And Reliable Manufacturers In China. You Can Find The Best Quality Of Shower Tray In YD Productions.

YD Is Your Top Choice Incoming For Our Shower Tray. We Made A Shower Tray With Unique, Attractive, Reliable, Constant, And Sincere Shower Tray Quality. Everything You Need Is In YD.

If You Need This Kind Of Shower Tray Don’t Hesitate Us. We Promise That Your Shower Tray That You Want Or Need. We Will Provide It For You Without Anything Issue.

And You Make Sure That It Is Reliable, Unique, Special, Trustworthy, Useful And Most High-Quality Standards. And For More Inquiry, You Can Rely On Our Non-Stop Highest Quality Productions.

If You Are Interested In Our Shower Tray. You Can Contact Us Now.


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