One Of Leading Transfer Bench Manufacturers in China

Transfer Bench

YD Transfer Bench are Created to Make Daily Life Easier When Taking A Shower or Getting into A Bathtub.

Our Transfer Bench are Designed to Bring Comfort And Stability to Every Person With A Disability, Seniors, And Elderly.

These Transfer Bench Can Be installed With Armrest And Backrest For Added Safety And More Convenient Usage.

Using High-Quality Materials With Rust-Resistance Capability, We are Able to Design And Develop Transfer Bench Products Robustly. Moreover, We Can Design Benches With Cushioned Seats in order to Bring Much More Comfort.

YD Transfer Bench

We Have Got Full Certifications For All Our Transfer Bench, Send Your Inquiry NOW

YD Transfer Bench Manufacturer

Our Transfer Bench Manufacturer is Located in Wenzhou City. It’s About Four Hours to HangZhou By Car.
Transfer Bench
Transfer Bench
Transfer Bench
Transfer Bench
raised toilet seats
raised toilet seats
raised toilet seats

YD is One of Transfer Bench Manufacturers in China


In YD, We Have The Widest Selection of All Kinds of Transfer Bench. There are Ranges of Products That Can Support A Person Weighing 300 Lbs to 550 Lbs.

Crack-Proof, Water- And Tarnish-Resistant Transfer Bench are Remarkable in YD. We are Manufacturing Transfer Bench For All Users Who Need Special Assistance And Thus intended For Business Purposes.

Our Transfer Bench are Created With Wider Spaced And Stronger Materials to Make It More Secure And Safe For Showering.

These Transfer Bench Products Can Be Manufactured Made From Aluminum or Plastic. Different Raw Materials offered Various Advantages to The Structure.


YD is One of Leading Transfer Bench Manufacturers

Our Transfer Bench Were Full of Beneficial Features, installed With Adjustable Parts to Fit in Any area or Over The Tub Wall.

Thus, We Can Create Removable Backs For Our Transfer Bench to Move in Alternate Directions. We Equipped Suction Feet On Our Transfer Bench to Hold Securely On Wet Floors.

YD Have Limitless Ideas to Manufacture And Design All Kinds And Types of Transfer Bench. Our Engineers’ Rich Expertise And Knowledge With This Field Allow Them to Design innovative, Improve And Upgrade A Range of Products.

transfer bench transfer bench transfer bench transfer bench transfer bench transfer bench transfer bench

transfer bench transfer bench transfer bench

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YD is One of Leading Transfer Bench Manufacturers in China.

At YD, You Can Find A Wide Selection of Transfer Bench That offers Great Comfort And Stability. When intended Use For Some Special Projects And Wish to Custom orders of Transfer Bench, You Can Look Forward to YD.

Before Fabricating Your Design, Our Staff Will Provide Useful Suggestions And Advice, For You to Have Authentic And innovative Transfer Bench.

It Is Perfect For Showcasing Your Brand And Enhancing Your Business Revenue. You Can Guarantee Our Kind of Products As It Meets And Exceeds international Quality Standards. Such Quality Level includes CE, ACS, CUPC, And More.

All Our Transfer Bench Strictly Checked And inspected By Our Quality Controllers to Guarantee Their Quality. Make Sure It Is Free From Deficiency And Other Quality Issues.

YD Transfer Bench Is Your Best Solution For All Your Assistant tools Needs. These Come in Diverse Colors, Dimensions, Shapes, Features, Which Allow You to Choose And Find Options That Perfectly Meet Your Standards.

Purchase The Ideal And Effective One For Your Settings. With YD You Can Get The Best Deal With It. With All These Kinds of Products And Services, We are Placed to Be One of The Most Reliable Professional Transfer Bench Manufacturers And Suppliers.

Our Main Products is including as follows:

Grab Bar                                            Shower Seat                                  Walk-in Tubs

Toilet Grab Bars                               Shower Chair                                Non Slip Mats

Flip Up Grab Bar                              Commode Chair                          Raised Toilet Seat

Bathtub Grab Bars                          Transfer Bench                            Handicap Grab Bars

Toilet Handrails                              Grab Rail

As China’S Leading Transfer Bench Provider, We Make Sure Each Client We Deal Gets The Most And Amazing Products.

YD is Your One-Stop-Shop Solution For Your Transfer Bench Needs. If You Have Any Questions, Let Us Know. Please Contact Us today For A Free Consultation!


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