Types of Toilet Seats in the Market

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Have you ever had your skin pinched when using a toilet because the seat was cracked? Or perhaps the swaying of your toilet lid has ever made you uncomfortable.

The annoying feeling of using a defaulted toilet seat might ruin your entire day. Also, you should pick a toilet seat that meets your preferences. In contrast to the past, when latrines were the only alternative, toilet design has advanced significantly.

Two main components make up toilet seats; a seat with a comfortable curve and a top that covers the toilet. For simple cleaning, both components attach to a hinge.

The chairs are available in various hues and base materials to match design schemes, including steel, wood, porcelain, and plastic. Designs vary with adjustments that cater to personal preferences. Read on to learn more about toilet seats.

Factors to be Considered When Choosing a Toilet Seat

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When you go shopping for a toilet seat, you can get overwhelmed by the availability of different products. To avoid picking a toilet seat that doesn’t match your needs, follow the below factors;


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Most buyers always neglect the manufacturing part of most products, but it has a more significant impact on the overall functionality.

Manufacturers determine the quality of the product, and not all will adhere to all the standards. For that matter, know your manufacturer well before sourcing your toilet seat.

A reputable toilet seat manufacturer understands the importance of quality and will supervise each process to ensure the end product meets customers’ preferences.

Check their reviews online and ensure they are certified. Also, consider the manufacturer’s years of experience in toilet seat manufacturing to guarantee they hold the right expertise in the field.


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To begin, you will need to take measurements of your existing toilet to ensure that you get the correct size. You don’t want to get an oversized or undersized toilet set compared to your bowl.

The last thing you want is a seat that doesn’t fit properly and keeps falling off or is so snug that you can’t even get into it.

Utilizing a tape measure to determine the width, length, and height of your toilet bowl is the best way to get an exact measurement. Be sure to jot down the dimensions or take a picture of them so that you don’t forget them when you go to the store to get the supplies.


You should never endure the ordeal of sitting on an unpleasant toilet seat. The comfort of a toilet seat can be directly or indirectly affected by various factors, including its form and material. The most crucial aspect of your toilet seat is its shape.

Elongated toilet seats, as opposed to circular toilet seats, are widely regarded as providing a higher level of comfort. The material of the toilet seat determines its comfortability.

Some are made with a material that is easier to clean and maintain, which makes them more pleasant.

Material and Color

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You must also choose the material you want your toilet seat to be built on. Although they come in various materials, which we shall describe later in the essay, the most popular ones are wood, plastic, and bamboo.

You should also think about the bolts’ and hinges’ materials. The most resilient materials are stainless steel and zinc-plated, while plastic is easy to clean and won’t rust.

There are many colors to pick from, so the decision is entirely up to you. It could be neutral-toned black, white, or bisque. Alternatively, you can match the bathroom’s color scheme or choose a vibrant hue to draw attention.


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If ease of use isn’t the most important factor for you, then you’re undoubtedly wondering how much a new toilet seat would set you back. You shouldn’t have trouble finding anything to fit your needs, regardless of how vast or small your budget may be.

The vast majority of customers will be seeking a seat that is not only straightforward but also practical, long-lasting, and somewhat pleasant simultaneously.

You should budget more money if you want a toilet seat that has characteristics such as increased durability, premium finishes, and designs that are simple to install.

When purchasing a toilet seat, it is often worthwhile to spend a little extra money to get one that will last longer and provide greater comfort.

The majority are looking for seats that are uncomplicated, practical, and durable while still providing a level of comfort that is acceptable.

If you purchase a toilet seat that costs a little bit more, you may be able to find one that provides more comfort, has a longer lifespan, is easier to use, or has lovely features.

After you have narrowed down your options and determined which of these aspects are most important, you will be able to evaluate the benefits concerning the costs.

Special Considerations


There are occasionally additional factors to take into account, such as if you or a member of your family has a disability that impacts using the restroom, if you have small children of your own, or if you operate a company out of your home that caters to children, such as a daycare.

For instance, you might want to think about a raised toilet seat or a bidet seat if you or someone you know has a disability that affects bathroom use.

Raised toilet seats are ideal for people who have difficulties bending over or sitting down low. In contrast, a bidet seat attaches to your toilet and delivers water for cleaning up after using the restroom.

They increase the seat’s height by a few inches, making it simpler and more pleasant to operate.

If you need to use the washroom in the middle of the night but don’t want to turn on the bright bathroom light, additional chairs are available with built-in nightlights.

Some seats also have a soft-closing seat feature if you have young children or pets who like to play with the toilet seat. It stops the lid from closing abruptly.


This aspect is frequently ignored, even though doing so would be a mistake. When you live with youngsters or those who have trouble sleeping, the sound of the toilet seat closing can quickly become a source of irritation and a significant issue.

Consider a toilet with a soft closing mechanism or cushioning if you would rather not deal with the noise. A toilet seat with a soft closing mechanism will close gradually, doing away with the loud crash, and padding will lessen the noise when the lid is shut.


Nobody wants to go out and get a new toilet seat soon after placing the previous one in their bathroom. Spending a little bit more now could mean purchasing a sturdy seat that will endure longer.

In most cases, a toilet seat constructed of wood will be more long-lasting than one made of plastic. In addition to this, you won’t have to worry as much about them cracking or becoming scratched as quickly.

Do not, however, let this dissuade you from purchasing a plastic toilet seat because there are several alternatives available that are significantly more long-lasting than anything made of wood could ever be.

And considering that it will be installed within an environment that has the propensity to have a lot of moisture, it is possible that this will be the best option.


When searching for a new toilet seat, one must also consider the aesthetic value of the product they are interested in purchasing. A good choice would be a toilet seat that looks nice and goes well with the rest of the decor in the bathroom.

Installation & Simplicity of Use

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Installation simplicity should also be considered a separate element. Before you go out and purchase a new toilet seat, you should make sure that you take the appropriate measurements and that you have a good understanding of what you will require to ensure that it will be compatible with the current configuration of your toilet.

Toilet Seat Materials

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Let’s discuss the various materials that can be used to make toilet seats now that we’ve gone over what you should think about before purchasing a toilet seat.

Porcelain, plastic, and wood are used most frequently in constructing toilet seats. Occasionally, they are constructed from metal and other specialized materials, such as resin, polyresin, or acrylic. Read on.


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One of the most typical toilet seats available is made of porcelain. Because they are constructed out of the same material as the rest of the toilet, cleaning them is a breeze because you can use the same disinfectant on both surfaces without worrying about causing any harm.


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They are one of the most common types and are an excellent choice for households with small children. Typically, they are constructed out of tough plastic, known as polypropylene.

Polypropylene is an inexpensive material that is light and long-lasting. It is stain-resistant, simple to clean, and difficult to get dirty.

Thermoset and thermoplastic are two other types of plastic that can be used to produce scratch-resistant toilet seats. One of the drawbacks of using plastic seats is that certain cleansers have the potential to strip the paint and cause wear.

There is also the possibility that they are not as comfortable as other materials, such as the fact that they are chilly during the winter months.

The table below shows the pros and cons of a plastic toilet seat.

Easy to clean.Change of color with time.
Available in a wide variety.They are cold, especially during winter.
Doesn’t absorb liquid.
They don’t scratch easily.



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They are precisely what their name implies: toilet seats crafted from wood. They are available in a wide range of hues and finishes, and they have the potential to bestow a feeling of luxury upon your bathroom.

Wooden toilet seats are typically more expensive than other forms of toilet seats and also keep their warmth better year-round. However, due to the porous nature of wood, they are not as simple to clean as other materials.

The table below shows the pros and cons of using a wooden toilet seat.

They are stylishThey are costly
You only need to sandpaper them for re-vanishingThey absorb moisture easily
They are solid and strong
They don’t get cold easily even during cold seasons



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There are also toilet seats made of bamboo, which fall under the category of wooden toilet seats. On the other hand, bamboo is a more environmentally friendly alternative to other wood forms. Bamboo is known for its rapid growth and ease of maintenance.

One disadvantage of using bamboo for toilet seats is that they tend to be more expensive than other toilet seats. Because bamboo is a porous substance, making it is more difficult to clean than other materials.


Metal is not as popular as other forms of toilet seats, yet, they appear to be the sort of toilet seat utilized most frequently in public toilets. Stainless steel, a long-lasting and simple material to keep clean, is typically used in constructing these items.

The disadvantages of having a toilet seat made of metal include that it is not the typical choice and can be quite chilly. In addition, if they are not maintained properly, they may develop rust over time.

Types of Toilet Seats in the Market

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After discussing some important factors, let’s examine the various toilet seat designs on the market. There are several things to think about while selecting a toilet seat.

Depending on your demands, one seat can be more suitable for you than another, as different seats offer various benefits.

The various varieties of toilet seats that are now on the market will be covered in this article but before we do that, watch the video below to learn more about how to remove and replace your toilet seat.


Standard Toilet Seats

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The most prevalent kind of seat is the standard toilet seat. Most ordinary toilets can accommodate it, and it is normally composed of plastic. Standard seats are typically the least expensive and simple to find and install. They might not have all the features that some other seats possess.

Some of the top toilet seats in this category are built from resilient substances like polypropylene. These seats won’t easily chip or break and are made to withstand sustained use.

This seat may be a wonderful choice for you if you have kids. Adjustable hinges are something else to look for in a typical seat. In this manner, you can guarantee that the toilet seat will fit correctly.

Smart Toilet Seat

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A self-cleaning toilet seat that uses sensors to determine when it needs to be cleaned and then starts the cleaning procedure automatically is referred to as a smart toilet seat. Smart toilet seats typically contain antibacterial and antimicrobial substances like ceramic or stainless steel.

Using a smart toilet seat has several advantages. One benefit is that keeping the toilet’s surface clean can aid in preventing the transmission of disease.

Additionally, they conserve water by only cleaning when necessary, which is advantageous in regions lacking water.

The video below shows how a smart toilet seat works.


Oval Toilet Seats

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While offering a more contemporary appearance, oval toilet seats take up more room than round ones. Typically, the length of an oval seat is between 18 and 19 inches.

This might not be the best choice if you need a seat in a small restroom. However, an oval seat can complement a more modern bathroom design if you have a room.

Comfort Chairs

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Comfortable seating is exactly what it is designed to be. They frequently contain padding, and some even have an integrated heating element. Soft materials, like foam or linen, are typically used to make comfortable chairs.

Comfort seats have the drawback of being less sturdy than other types of toilet seats. Since there are more crevices for dirt and bacteria to hide in, they might also be harder to clean.

Elongated Toilet Seats

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To fit toilets with longer bowls, elongated seats are available. In addition to being more aesthetically beautiful than regular seats, they provide a more pleasant seated experience.

However, they could cost more and be hard to find in some stores. Elongated seats provide additional coverage than regular seats; hence they can fit well in a wall-hung toilet design.

This implies they can offer folks with larger body types a more comfortable experience. An extended seat may be your best option if you are taller or heavier.

Since there is less surface area for dirt and bacteria to accumulate, these seats also have the advantage of generally being cleaner than regular seats.

Bidet Toilet Seats

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More and more people are using bidet toilet seats, particularly in Europe and Asia. They have several advantages, including better cleaning results and more hygienic toilet use.

Since you do not need to flush after using a bidet, they conserve water. Keep in mind that bidet seats differ from regular toilet seats. They frequently need a water connection and an electrical outlet to be heated.

Although bidet seats might be pricey, they might be worthwhile if you want a more opulent bathroom experience.

Heated Toilet Seats

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The term “heated toilet seats” refers to heated seats for enhanced comfort. These seats can be a terrific option for people who live in chilly areas or just want to make their bathroom experience a little bit warmer.

Numerous heated seats also include additional amenities like remote control and massage.

Remember that heated seats need an electrical outlet to function, so if you wish to use one, have one next to your toilet. In certain cases, heated seats are more expensive than other styles.

You might want to think about a different kind of seat if you’re on a tight budget. Ensure you get them from a reliable toilet seat supplier.

Round Toilet Seats

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As you might have predicted, the most popular style of the toilet seat is round, and it has a circular shape. They often come in various colors and are constructed from wood or plastic. The most economical option is typically a round toilet seat.

The fact that certain persons with impairments may find round toilet seats uncomfortable is a drawback. Another drawback is their potential incompatibility with some toilet models, such as elongated toilets.

Elevated Toilet Seats

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For those with mobility challenges, raised toilet seats are available. To make it simpler for individuals to sit down and stand up, they increase the height of the toilet seat.

Usually composed of plastic or metal, raised toilet seats. To contribute to their comfort, they are frequently cushioned. Raised toilet seats can be challenging to install, which is a drawback. Additionally, not every type of toilet may fit them.

Open Front Toilet Seats

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Almost all public restrooms have open front toilet seats, which are U-shaped. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials mandates their use, which is why you can see them in public locations.

A seat cover dispenser or open front toilet seats should be standard in all public restrooms.

These U-shaped seats were chosen for hygienic reasons. Urine frequently drips down the front of the seat and the front of the bowl when youngsters use the toilet, when the seat isn’t raised, or when someone squats in place of sitting in a public restroom.

The propagation of harmful germs is reduced by removing that section of the seat. Typically not utilized in household bathrooms, open-front chairs are composed of metal or plastic and are usually not available.

Soft Close Toilet Seats

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Tensioned hinges that reduce the seat’s descent are a feature of soft-closing toilet seats. This means you won’t have to worry about it making a lot of noise when it finally comes tumbling down.

Soft close seats are a fantastic alternative for restrooms close to bedrooms. It implies that you don’t need to be concerned about waking others up when you close the seat in the middle of the night.

Square Toilet Seats

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A square peg won’t fit in a round hole. Additionally, a square seat won’t fit on a circular toilet bowl. However, a square toilet seat is an ideal complement to a contemporary square toilet design.

As with rounded seats, square seats aren’t quite square; they’re a little longer than wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a One-fit for All Toilet Seats?

No, because toilets come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s important to confirm the size before going to the market.

How Do I Determine the Size of the Toilet Seat I Need?

Take measurements of the widest point of your bowl. To determine the bowl’s length, measure between the seat bolts and the front edge. The two measurements will help you determine the size.

Which One is Best Between Wood and Plastic Toilet Seat?

Choose a lovely enameled wood seat if you like a toilet seat that gives aesthetic possibilities, a more substantial feel, and several hinge options. A plastic seat is a good option if you want a toilet seat with various colors and durability.

How Often Should You Replace Toilet Seats?

Toilet seats normally last at least 15 years, but they only look clean for approximately five to seven years before they start to crack or get so discolored that no scrubbing would make them look neat. When that happens, it’s time to think about replacement.

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Most importantly, ensure you engage a certified toilet seat manufacturer to offer quality products that will serve you longer.

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