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The angle valve products of YD Valves undergo a heated treatment process to ensure they won’t suddenly tear off, preventing costly water damage. The grease chamber and a double NBR O-ring seal ensure easy movement of the brass spindles for decades.

Angle valves are a complementing product for any type of interior design project and are visually appealing. They offer a long service life, the lowest noise levels, and, potentially, a 40% water savings due to their low water consumption.

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YD Valves provides a variety of valve and fitting options for angle valves, including the Angle Stop Valve, which features a ball valve design and simple, quarter-turn on/off operation. Their Compression Angle Valve is expertly crafted and features an innovative design.

Their Chrome Angle Valve, meanwhile, has exceptional explosion-proof capabilities and is heat-resistant. Furthermore, they provide angle ball valves, micro angle valves, and multi-turn angle valves, allowing for simple repairs without turning off the water to other parts of homes and businesses.

Additionally, they provide PEX Angle Valves and an ice-maker box valve made of brass for dependability and longevity.

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Brass Ball Valve –

The floating ball of the YD Brass Ball Valve allows it to control flow. When a valve handle is used to pivot the valve, the valve opens and closes 90 degrees when the ball’s hole is parallel to the flow. The YD Brass Ball Valve is known for its durability and, even after several cycles, it still maintains its quality.

The size range for YD Brass Ball Valves is between 1/8 inches to 2 ½ inches. There are two different body designs for the brass ball valve.

Brass ball valves are made in either a square body, or the BKH type, with sizes ranging from 1/8 inches to 1 ½ inch. Sizes between 1 ¼ and 2 ½ inches are designed in an MKHP type with a round or hexagonal body.

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Mini Ball Valve –

The YD Wholesale Mini Ball Valve is a flow valve able to shut off, restrict, or control gasses and liquids in a line system. It is a quarter-turn type valve which controls the flow of liquids or gasses through the use of floating balls.

YD Valves stock a wide range of mini ball valves for an almost endless list of applications within agricultural, construction, marine and offshore, fire protection, process manufacturing, and oil & gas industries.

The YD Mini Ball Valve’s forged brass body can withstand a maximum working pressure of 16 bar at temperatures as low as 0°C. Chrome-plated mini ball valves with hexagonal bodies are also produced by YD. Many YD Mini Ball Valves also have the ability to close both the in-line opening and the pneumatic circuit.

The mini ball valve’s lightweight polymer design enables significantly faster installation. But it still continues to provide a compact size with full-flow capability.

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Brass Fittings –

To control, connect, or adapt the airflow through copper and iron pipes, or gasses or liquids through brass, YD manufactures wholesale brass fittings. Their brass fittings offer strength, durability, and corrosion resistance against acids, water, peaty soils, heat, and minerals.

They also provide brass fittings specifically designed for plumbing applications in residential and commercial buildings.

Nipples, elbows, plugs, couplings, bushings, and other pipe size ranges are available at YD. They have a variety of surface finishes, and provide rugged brass pipe fittings that form a tight seal.

As an added bonus, YD Brass Fittings are very simple to install and they offer an extensive variety of fittings such as brass pipe fittings, poly alloy fittings, EURO Pex Press fittings, and EURO PPSU fittings.

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Bathroom Safety Products –

YD produces bathroom safety products using very durable raw materials and their team of engineers are highly trained to choose the most-appropriate materials during the production of their bathroom safety accessories in order to achieve maximum resiliency and efficiency.

Every bathroom safety solution they develop pays careful attention to its specific usefulness. Their bathroom safety accessories are available in a wide range of fashionable styles.

Every bathroom safety item satisfies global quality standards and conforms with CE, WRAS, and ACS requirements. YD has a selection that will meet your needs, whether you need general bath safety accessories for your business or items specific to your special projects.

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Their bathroom product line includes grab bars, grab rails, shower seats, walk-in tubs, shower chairs, non-slip mats, commode chairs, toilet grab bars, raised toilet seats, handicap grab bars, disabled handrails, transfer benches, and more. Furthermore, YD offers bathroom mirrors such as LED, framed, makeup mirrors, or wall, backlit, illuminated, and anti-fog bathroom mirrors.

Faucets and other parts are available for your bathroom, sink, kitchen, floor drain, or pop-up waste needs at YD.

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Bathroom Accessories –

Bathroom accessories by YD are renowned for being distinctive and long-lasting. These accessories make living at home more comfortable for seniors and other groups with special needs; they also make it easier for families to share bathroom facilities.

These bathroom accessories are easily adjusted when considering their placement so that all family members can freely enter and exit bathrooms. YD also manufactures an array of additional bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers, towel racks, shelves, jars, light fixtures, and many others.


About YD Valves –

Since 1999, YD has concentrated on producing various angle stop valves, including compression angle valves, shut-off valves, angle ball valves, and washing machine valves.

They are the Plumbing Angle Valves and Fittings Manufacturer leader with over 19 years of experience and accompanying OEM/ODM service. As previously mentioned, YD Valves produces an array of other goods, including PEX tubing, shower heads, smart toilet seats, wall-hung toilets, brass bibcocks, and shower enclosures.

For more information on any of the products manufactured by YD Valves that have been mentioned above, please visit their website at YD and, “Skyrocket Your Business with YD.”





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