One of Leading Walk-in Tubs Manufacturers in China
  • Drain and Door are Located on the Right Hand Side of Bathtub
  • Safe for Bathing Salts and Aromatic Oils for A Deep, Relaxing Soak
  • Polished Chrome Trimmed Buttons, Jets and Hardware Exude a Modern Flair

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Walk-in Tubs

YD Walk-in Tubs Provide A Convenient, Safety, independent, And Relaxing Bathing Experience. It is Also The Best Aid for Seniors, The Elderly, And A Person With Disabilities With Their Bathing Moments.

Worry No More About Stepping Over The Edge of The Bathtub, YD Walk-in Tubs offer A Safer And Hassle-Free Bathing Time.

There are Also Specialty Options Like Grab Bars And Built-in Seating That Make Walk-in Tubs Safer And Attractive, Fit in Any Bathroom.

Customizing Walk-in Tubs Unto Your Needs Lets You Get The Perfect Walk-in Tubs for Your Business. With Your Own Style, Design, And Features, You Will Have A Unique Product To Enhance Your Brand.

YD Walk-in Tubs

We Have Got Full Certifications For All Our Walk-in Tubs, Send Your Inquiry NOW

YD Flip Up Walk-in Tubs Manufacturers

Our Factory is Located in Wenzhou City. It’s About Four Hours to HangZhou By Car.
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walk-in tubs manufacturers
walk-in tubs manufacturers
walk-in tubs manufacturers

YD is One of Walk-in Tubs Manufacturers

In YD, You Can Find The Best Selection of Walk-in Tubs for Your Requirements. Hundreds of Models, Variety of Colors, Textures Options are Available. Plus, It Equipped With Numerous Safety And Comfort Features.

Our Walk-in Bathtubs are Fabricated And Manufactured From Fiberglass or Acrylic Material. The Walk-in Bathtub Constructed To Last Longer.

It Can Even Withstand Daily Wear And Tears. Our Walk-in Tubs individually It Has Built-in Doors. This Enables The individual To Step into The Tub Slowly And Efficiently.


YD is One of Leading Walk-in Tubs Manufacturers

These Walk-in Tubs Can Be Easily And Quickly To Be installed in Every Bathroom. Our Wide Selections of Walk-in Tubs Allow You To Find The Best Choice Suit The Style, Design for Your Bathroom.

Or If They Need for Businesses, We Have The Best Variety of Walk-in Bathtubs Perfectly Fit for Your Brand. incredibly Durable Yet Require Low-Maintenance.

These Walk-in Tubs Truly Deliver All The Safety, Convenience And Comfort Your Desire for. Our Team of Experts And Highly Trained Engineers Has The Capability To Design Walk-in Tub Products Just The Way You Expect It.

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 walk-in tubs manufacturers

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walk-in tubs manufacturers

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walk-in tubs manufacturers

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YD is One of Walk-in Tubs Manufacturers in China


Additionally, We Can Custom Imprint The Logo On Products With Your Authorization. Through YD Employee Expertise, You Will Have The Unique, innovative And Authentic Walk-in Tub Products.

In YD, You Can Enjoy Stress-Free Shopping At an Economical Cost. Otherwise, You Can Guarantee Our Walk-in Tubs Products It Complies With The Main internal Testing.

It is Approved By CE, WRAS, ACS and More Certifications. for More Than 19 Years in The Manufacturing Field, YD offers Various Different Walk-in Tubs Price Points To Suit All Customers’ Budgets.

YD offers A Lifetime Warranty On All The Walk-in Bathtubs. With This System, You Can Guarantee All Product Quality issues are Fixed.

 With YD, You Can Find Great Deals With The Best Walk-in Tubs. A Wide Array of Products Such As Small Walk-in Tubs, Walk-in Tubs With Shower Enclosure, Safe Step Walk-in Tubs And More is Obtainable in YD.

As The Premier Walk-in Bathtub Supplier And Manufacture in China, We Have The Best Safety Bathing Solution for Your Needs.

High-Quality Walk-in Tubs With Longer-Lasting Benefits are Attainable With YD. Our Unique And innovative Design Walk-in Tubs Can Be Shipped Around The World. OEM/ ODM Customers are Welcome.

Our Main Products is including as follows:

Grab Bar                                            Shower Seat                                  Walk-in Tubs

Toilet Grab Bars                               Shower Chair                                Non Slip Mats

Flip Up Grab Bar                              Commode Chair                          Raised Toilet Seat

Bathtub Grab Bars                          Transfer Bench                            Handicap Grab Bars

Toilet Handrails                              Grab Rail

If You are Looking for An Amazing Walk-in Bathtub Supplier And Factory, Please Give Us A Call, As We Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

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