F1960 Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Fittings
Benifit Choosing YD F1960 PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings
  • 100% Lead Free                         Lighter Weight
  • 100% Resistance Corrosion     100% Potable Water Neutrality
  • Easy & Quick Installation        No Additional Sealing

F1960 Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings

YD PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion PEX Fittings are made of High-Performance Polymers for Plumbing & Heating & Cooling and Sanitary System, even Better than metal

In Matters of Corrosion Resistance, Scale Deposit, heavy Metals Contamination, Thermal Insulation, Eco-friendly and Cost Saving, is the Ideally Solution for Contractor and Designer

  • Assembly Safety          Permanent Joint
  • Higher Durability       Higher Temperature Operation

Full Certification On All F1960 Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Fittings

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F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings

YD Has Been Doing Every Effort To Expand Its Manufacturing Capacity And To Improve Its Product Quality, And Up Till Now, YD Has Its New Plant In Cixi, Near Ningbo With More Highly Trained Employees, YD Is Continuously Dedicated To Customers’ Satisfaction For Which We Remain On Striving For Excellence.


Material: Acudel 22000, RADEL R-5100 For use with PEX-A Tubing Manufactured to ASTM Standard F876-877.


NSF/ANSI Standard 14, NSF/ANSI Standard 61,NSF/ANSI Standard 372 (Low Lead), ASTM F1960,CSA B137.5.

F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings

YD F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings are Made of Durable PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) for Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Adapter,etc.

F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings

F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings

Established In 1999, YD Has Become A Leading Export Manufacturer Specialized In Lead-Free Plumbing Accessory Products In China. The Primary Products In Lead-Free Series Include Polyphenysulfone(PPSU) Pex Fittings, Lead-Free Brass PEX Fittings, Lead-Free Brass Push Fit Fittings, F1960 Polyphenysulfone (PPSU) Fittings, F1960 Lead-Free Brass Fittings, And Other PEX Pipe Accessories.

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G.M. Note
At Our Manufacturer in YD We Develop and Produce Control Plumbing F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings We Deliver with Built-on Accessories Ready for Use. All Customers' Needs Are Always at Heart of What We Do.
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    Factory Address: Qinggang Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Zhejiang, China.

YD F1960 PPSU Poly Alloy Cold Expansion Pex Fittings


YD Cold Expansion Fittings are Originally Made From Brass Substances. These are UV Shielded Pipes. Deliberately Useful for Whether Hot and Cold Water Drinkable Complex and Arrangements.

Installed By Professional Executive Contractors. These Pipes are Noticed Having Proper Assemblies. These are Appropriately Relevant to National, State, Directive, Quality, and Commandments.

These are intensified on Polyphenylsulfone. Operates with A Maximum Temperature of 320°F in No Compulsion. But with Maximum Compulsion Temperature, It Directly Operates within 210°F.

Our Cold Expansion Fittings are Approved By U.P. Code and NSF/ANSI 61 Standard Degree. Nonetheless, These Presented Cold Expansion Fittings are Available only with 1/2″ Through 2 Sizes. Wide-Diversity Productions Have fortunately offered with Lead-Free Compliance.

installation of These Cold Expansion Fittings is only Be Utilized By Our Skillful and Authorized Developer. They are The one Who Understands More About Guidelines and Principles About installing Cold Expansion Fittings in Best Quality Ways.

They Performed without Any Conflicts Or Either Trouble. They`ve Done installment Procedures Professionally. Durable Assembly of Cold Expansion Fittings Series is Awaited. Fabricated with Flexibility, That Means These are Bendable on Any Regulations and Directions.

with Cold Expansion Fittings, A Simple Yet Faster Way of installations is Probably Awaited for. These Lessen The Prospect of Having Capable Leak Points. Its Flexibility Typically Means to Enlarge and Have A Commitment From Authentic Sizes.

Intended Made with High Proof to Destructions From Pipe`S Freeze Water. These are Unaffected By Rusting and Erosions. to That, No Worries About Puncture Discharges. We Made Cold Expansion Fittings Easier to Use Yet Last Up to More Than 50 Years of Existent.

However, These Plumb Fittings are Substantial and Give Higher System Endurance. We Have invested Less Time in Manufacturing and Simple Brass Material Yet Have Proven Durable.

Compared to A Copper Material, Brass is Better and Lasts Longer. on The Other Hand, When Assembled Cold Expansion Fittings, It is Needed to Have Strict inspections and Studies About The Fitting and Ring Types.

Verifying The Mark on Fitting and Ring are Exact Sizes to Adjoin with Pipes. Thoroughly Check All Fittings and Rings for The Destruction of Importance Construction. We Strictly Demand Never Use Fittings When Having Hesitation About Its Unification.

Cold Expansion Fittings Usually Categorized with Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Switches, Etc. These All Made From Polyphenylsulfone Substances. These are Important Essential for Health Care and The Results of Portable Water Arrangement Units.

Complies with Lead-Free Specifications. for All Businesses Requiring Leveled Cold Expansion Fittings, We, YD Can Support You All Over.

Throughout The Years We are in This industry, We Become More Skilled in Manufacturing Commissions. We Experience Different Struggles and Now Become Stronger and Finally Have Comprehensive Experiences in Fabricating institution.

We Can Use Our Knowledge and Tactics When Creating The Supreme Quality of Cold Expansion Fittings. You Can Gain Satisfaction, Especially on Your Business Administrations.

Searching Preeminent Level of Cold Expansion Fittings? We Can Do Prior Assistance on Any Chance You Needed to. for Your Business Good Sake, Adding Profitable Products Just Like These, Surely Gain Brighter Impacts.

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